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Seeing the Need, Finding the Solution campaign is to reach communities across the state of Arizona through 2013-2014 with our 9th Annual Holiday Home Makeover Giveaway. Due to the generous support of our sponsors STN has been able to greatly expand the reach of our giveaway, and now able to extend the blessing of serving NINE counties throughout central and southern Arizona. As well as reach all counties throughout Arizona.   As you may already know, one out of five people in the United States experience mental illness in their lifetime, and unfortunately, their life expectancy is often shortened on average by 25 years due to chronic health conditions. In Arizona, this health disparity is even greater, almost 32 years. In addition, one out of five children and adolescents suffer from severe behavioral health and emotional challenges. When left untreated they may develop serious mental illness as well as complex medical conditions later on in life.  As a result of these disparities, and the suffering that often results, we have reached out to the community to join efforts. Seeing the Need has included experts from the medical, media, civic, education, business, and faith based community in support and sponsorship of Mental Health in Arizona. With your support we will have the collective impact that can make a difference. The purpose is to raise awareness about the importance of mental health and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, with a goal of providing an opportunity for each of us to impact the lives of our family members, friends, coworkers, and especially the people we have not met yet that are still suffering in silence. Join us in this worthy cause to strengthen the health and wellness of our communities!  

This campaign would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors including: East Valley Disaster services (air condition company need name) Cenpatico of Arizona , Partners in Recovery, Community Intervention Associates, Family Service Agency, Hope Lives, Arizona Children's Association , People of Color Network and a HUGE bunch contributors that will be announced during the campaign.  
We would be delighted to have you with us and appreciate your support. Please call "Seeing the Need" for sponsorship opportunities and questions. (602)368-8966  
Sincerely, Phillip McILveen, CEO (Seeing the Need, Finding the Solution)

Presented by Community Intervention Associates (CIA), under Cenpatico of Arizona, the Regional Behavioral Health Authority, "Health for the Holidays" is designed to reach individuals as well as families living in Yuma and the surrounding areas. Numerous healthcare agencies community centers, programs, local businesses will be in attendance, including food! CIA is committed to bringing the community a FREE event to educate our community about quality, affordable, and potentially life-saving healthcare information and services right here in the Yuma area.
"What makes this [event] unique is our [staff's] dedication to the community and wish to partner with as many companies as possible to help support the community. We want to be the light, and give it back", says CEO Fred Cogburn. Health for the Holidays is also partnering with the United States Marine Corps Reserve, Toys for Tots program in Yuma County, making CIA's facility a distribution center for the entire city.
CIA is also partnering with Seeing the Need Marketing for its 9th Annual Stories of Healing and Hope- Home Makeover Giveaway, (aired on ABC 15), with the goal of giving away a home makeover to a deserving family. Health for the Holidays will be a day of healthcare awareness and information, a message of hope through the holidays, and a chance to win a home makeover. Perhaps more importantly, it is an opportunity to make a child smile. Sincerely, Fred Cogburn, CEO Community Intervention Associates   

Seeing the Need is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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