Veebow, the free app that puts money in your pocket

Veebow is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

Veebow . The Free App that Puts Money in Your Pocket!

Everyone agrees. Coupons and deals were meant to do two things: First, they should bring customers to businesses and second, they should save consumers money.  Veebow is a free app that does both, and more!  It works so well that Veebow is the endorsed Mobile Marketing solution of the ARIZONA RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION.  In a nutshell, whether you're a business owner or a customer, Veebow puts money in your pocket.

Say you're a business owner. You shouldn't have to pay upfront for marketing results! With Veebow, you can offer cash or exclusive deals for free. The only time you pay anything is when it actually works.  That's why people are saying; Veebow is like "putting money in your pocket!" When someone actually enters your business to take advantage of the cash or exclusive deal you've posted, Veebow earns a small fee.  What's better? It's risk free marketing.  

What if you're a customer? You shouldn't have to pay for a coupon or a deal. You should be able to take advantage of savings where you want, when you want-whenever the mood strikes you! With Veebow, you can. So now, putting money in your pocket is quick and easy. There's no more clipping coupons or buying a "deal." All you need to do is download the free Veebow app on your smartphone and cash and exclusive deals will pop up right where you're located-right when you want them-whenever the mood strikes you!

Okay, this is the part where we recap. So, just what does Veebow mean to business owners and consumers? For business owners, Veebow drives people right to your doorstep-customers you may not have seen otherwise-people who are out and about, right near your business, ready to shop and buy-customers who are willing and able to support your business immediately! For consumers, Veebow is right there where you need a discount or savings on all your favorite products and services. Just click on the free Veebow app on your smartphone and great savings for the products and services you're looking for will pop up and be literally steps away from where you're standing-at any given time.

Veebow . It's like putting money in your pocket!

Veebow is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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