UCP of Central Arizona serves 7000 adults, children here in the Valley

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Founded in 1952, UCP of Central Arizona provides comprehensive services to over 5,000 children and adults with disabilities and their families, on an annual basis.  Those served have various disabilities, including cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, developmental delays and learning disabilities.  Since its inception, UCP has been committed to change and progress for people with disabilities and strives to ensure the inclusion into every facet of society, to ensure a life without limits for people with disabilities.  Two of our most popular programs are Day Treatment and Training and Day Treatment for Adults.  Please contact us for more information on these programs at 602-943-5472 or visit us at: www.UCPofCentralAZ.org.                                                                        

Day Treatment and Training Day Treatment and Training for Children (DTT) serves the very vulnerable population of special needs children in an after-school and summer program, ages three to 21. The children have conditions and disabilities including autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy. DTT also serves children with traumatic brain injuries, developmental delays, and learning disabilities. Every activity in DTT revolves around four main components: physical activity, socialization, communication, and activities of daily living.

Children learn in age and developmentally appropriate classroom levels. The program focuses on engaging children through interaction, games, social outings, and questions to learn more about their age level developmentally. Children become accustomed to being in groups, playing with other children, and participating in group activities. Within each age group, children are able to follow simple instructions and give simple answers, follow two to three step instructions with more in depth answers, and/or follow a full range of instructions and participate in active conversation.

DTT enables the children to put their learned skills to action through community outings.  Within these new social settings children learn and demonstrate appropriate social behavior and how to communicate with others. Experiences that may otherwise be unavailable to the children include field trips to museums, the aquarium, and the zoo, and experiences such as sit down restaurants, horse-back riding, and bowling. The caring and dedicated staff is well trained and understands how to carry out the children's meaningful activities that address communication, socialization, activities of daily living, and physical activity. By engaging minds and building self confidence and self-esteem, we are promoting a healthy lifestyle full of physical activity, health, and wellness.                                                                                                                                                            

Day Treatment for Adults (DTA) serves adults ages 18 through adulthood. DTA builds upon the learned skills from Day Treatment and Training for Children. DTA's services are geared toward the development of skills needed to increase independence, lead productive lives, and experience community integration. DTA provides opportunities for consumers to increase self-esteem, enhance life skills, develop effective communication, obtain job and money skills, enhance interpersonal relationships, and participate in social activities. DTA is quite involved in community engagement for the participants. Interacting with others, socialization skills, communication skills, appropriate behavior, and exposure to the community is not only important for the adults, it is essential to the community as well. People have limited meaningful exposure to those with disabilities, and positive direct interaction with DTA participants can positively influence preconceived stereotypes about people with disabilities. DTA's Café without Limits, funded through a Wal-Mart grant in 2009, works within each consumer's abilities and expectations to provide job training and work experience.

The Café increases workforce development skills for adults with disabilities directly applicable to their pursuit of gainful employment opportunities, and it increases the inclusion of adults with disabilities in workforce development skills to create a feeling of achievement, regardless of their ability to earn gainful employment.

The severity of disability in each consumer varies, and the goal of the Café is to provide each participating consumer the opportunity to feel a sense of achievement, inclusion, and self-worth. The consumers learn direct customer sales and interaction, money skills, inventory skills and communication skills which coincide with other essential skills including writing resumes and completing employment applications. Work is an important way for individuals to contribute to their communities, build a network of social relationships, and create opportunities

for lifelong learning.

UCP of Central Arizona is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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