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The cost of dental implants is a topic of considerable interests to patients faced with replacing a missing tooth or teeth. The pertinent consideration for a patient who finds themselves in this situation is to realize that they is not really in the market for an implant but rather is actually shopping for an artificial tooth or in dental terminology a fixed prosthetic restoration. This fixed prosthesis can either be supported by teeth, known as a dental bridge, or supported by a dental implant(s).

In most every situation the implant restoration is a better choice, in comparison with a dental bridge for two primary reasons:

1. The long term prognosis for the implant supported prosthesis is superior to a dental bridge.
2. The implant prosthesis is much more like a natural tooth than a dental bridge.

However in some dental offices there is a significant cost difference between a bridge and an implant which makes it difficult for the patient to choose the better one, which is the implant restoration. At TFDI our goal is to allow our patients the freedom to choose state of the art Implant treatment by keeping the cost as close as possible to the cost of a dental bridge. Although at TFDI we are perfectly able to provide the patient with the best dental bridge our profession can offer, we greatly prefer the implant restoration because the result is better, the patient is more satisfied and there are less maintenance headaches for us to deal with down the road.
How do we keep the cost down?

1. Overhead Control
TFDI was created by combining two large, successful and well established Scottsdale based dental and surgical practices. The result is that all services can be provided under one roof, therefore minimizing the overhead. This is different from the traditional dental model in which the implant is placed in a separate surgical practice and then restored in a separate dental practice. This approach doubles the overhead and requires that two separate profits be generated.

2. Eliminating Superfluous Procedures
One example of such unnecessary procedures is the "socket graft" which has become the fastest growing profit center in dentistry. The socket graft is a procedure in which the dentist places a bone graft into the socket after tooth extraction anticipating that an implant will be placed later. At TFDI we have found that socket grafts are rarely beneficial. Eliminating such wasteful procedures saves patient time and money.
3. Graft Free Implants

TFDI uses a wide variety of techniques which eliminate the need for bone grafts in the majority of cases. When grafting cannot be avoided TFDI uses only state of the art procedures at a fraction of the usual and customary fees.

At TFDI we can beat any written estimate by at least 5% and for national chains our fees are generally 10-20% less. Our consultations are always complimentary as are x-rays if needed.*

*TFDI requires a written estimate on office letterhead. Discounts are based upon TFDI performing substantially the same service described in the estimate. TFDI reserves the right to refuse to perform any service not deemed to be in the patients best interest or which does not meet the standard of care TFDI insists upon.

Total Freedom Dental Implant Center is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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