Tips from AAA Travel: The best way to pack for your next trip

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Packing Tips from a Travel Pro

The holiday travel season is practically upon us, and for those looking to save money, time and stress, look no further than…your suitcase!

Pre-packing planning
Before packing for any trip, AAA Travel pros recommend travelers keep three key things in mind: avoiding fees, comfort, and personal safety.

Protect yourself, and your Identity
Technology can help increase personal safety as well as reduce the risk of identity theft on the road. Anti-theft handbags, backpacks and totes, for example, are cable-reinforced, have cut-proof shoulder straps, stylish zipper locks and are designed with slash-proof wire mesh that is hidden in the fabric.

Today, some credit cards and even new passports have a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip to expedite processing. Unfortunately, these chips also make cards easier to skim using an electronic reader.  Reduce this risk by investing in a RFID blocking wallet or passport holder, which can make it more difficult for a criminal skim the data from an RFID card.
Maximize Space
With nearly every airline charging for luggage, pack strategically to maximize luggage space. Many travelers pack full- or travel-size toiletries, which take up a great deal of space and add excess weight to your luggage. A more efficient alternative are compact toiletries. Travelon has a line of toiletry sheets that are biodegradable, dissolve in water, are TSA compliant and take up a fraction of the space and weight compared to travel- or full-size alternatives.

Packing cubes are another great tool, as they can help you organize your luggage and reduce the amount of space taken up by loose clothes. And, a folding pack can help your clothes stay wrinkle-free until you reach your destination.  

Other AAA Travel Packing Tips

·    Split your clothes! When traveling with a companion, split clothes between bags. That way, if one bag gets delayed along the way, each of you will have clothes until it arrives.

·    Invest in a micro scale. Even if you weigh your bags at home, a micro scale can come in handy as many travelers return with more than what they set out with, especially during the holidays. A micro scale can help to avoid repacking at the busy airport check-in desk if your bag is a couple of pounds over.

·    Pack comfort. Most airlines do not provide pillows and blankets anymore. Invest in a compact, carry-on pillow and blanket to ensure comfort on every flight.  

·    Consider your destination. The travel accessories you need depend on your destination. If you are traveling by rail through Europe, for example, you'll probably need cable locks for your luggage. Or, if you're heading to the beach, pick up a waterproof pouch for your Smartphone or camera. A travel professional, such as a AAA Travel agent, can help you prepare for your travel accessory needs before any trip.
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AAA Travel is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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