The Travel Mom on how to step out of comfort zone, have new experiences

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Many people have believed that 'Passion Projects' are an important part of life.  Now there is a new study out that validates that they make a difference for people.  

The Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman, appeared on Sonoran Living Live to talk about her passion project and how you can find yours.
Lifetwist Survey shares that success is no longer defined by money accumulation.  It is based on people having meaningful life experiences.  These experiences include travel, volunteer work, career change, having a family and doing craft projects.  All of these are considered passion projects.
I am 50 years old, said Kaufman, and [I] challenged myself to have 49 brand new experiences for the very first time.  This project turned out to be so much more than I anticipated.  I got a large following and inspired many others to step out of their comfort zones to have new experiences.
The Travel Mom is proud to be teaming up with American Express to encourage, enable and motivate people to follow their passions.  Am Ex is giving away 10 awards each month to every day people to pursue their passion projects.  

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The Travel Mom is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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