The Chandler Regional Medical Center's heart program

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Heart Health Organization-East Valley
A more effective way to deliver hospital-based care for the heart
Thanks to a unique approach to delivering care, heart patients at two East Valley hospitals are receiving more coordinated and efficient medical assessment and treatment.
Thirty cardiovascular specialists from a number of different practices and several subspecialties in the East Valley have formed their own management organization to provide optimal specialized medicine in hospital emergency departments and to inpatients. It's a rare concept in health care, and it's paving the way for other hospitals and other clinical specialties in Arizona.
From competition to cooperation
The 30-member group composed of medical cardiologists (heart doctors who patients see most often), interventional cardiologists (who perform procedures such as angiograms), electrophysiologists (who specialize in assessing and treating abnormal heart rhythms) and cardiovascular surgeons from 15 separate practices in Mesa, Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert to band together to form the Heart Health Organization-East Valley (known as "H2O"). The doctors, providing on-site care at both Chandler Regional and Mercy Gilbert Medical Centers, agree to work together serving a particular population of patients to ensure a higher level of care and greater efficiency in delivering that care.
H2O is the only program in Arizona that has private practice cardiovascular doctors available in the hospital from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day and who are there to help patients avoid waiting for the on-call heart specialist to arrive at the hospital.
The heart of the matter
The partnership of cardiovascular specialists was created in March 2013 by the hospitals' parent, Dignity Health East Valley and local cardiologists led by Roger Bies, M.D., partly in response to provisions in the Affordable Care Act.

H2O "is the only provider group in Greater Phoenix that provides in-hospital coverage by attending heart doctors with years of experience to immediately diagnose and treat cardiac patients," said Dr. Bies, an interventional cardiologist.

Heart patients "presenting in an emergency room in the East Valley are seen by a cardiologist right away," Dr. Bies said, "we're already seeing that this saves lives, spares patients unnecessary testing or admissions and reduces costs."

Clear advantages
The results for patients already have been dramatic. In both hospitals, there are fewer heart re-operations than in the top 10 percent of hospitals nationally. Among heart attack patients, 100 percent are treated within 90 minutes of arrival to an emergency department, the nation's top benchmark.

The satisfaction scores of patients who have been treated at Chandler Regional and Mercy Gilbert average 94.5 out of 100, Dr. Bies said. The national benchmark is 92.9.

"We are already outperforming a majority of U.S. hospitals in these areas, and within the next two years, we plan to be better than the top 10 percent in the nation," Dr. Bies added. "Our need for re-operation after heart surgery is one of the lowest rates in the state and in the country.. These include minimizing radiation and kidney problems from imaging tests, reducing unneeded admissions and delays in appropriate care and improving patient satisfaction to an even greater degree."

For more information about Heart Health Organization-East Valley, visit the website, or email

Dignity Health is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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