Sonoran Living Live honors Black History Month by honoring Laura Bulluck

PHOENIX - Sonoran Living Live is celebrating Black History Month by recognizing outstanding community leaders in our series "Extraordinary Women of Color." Today we honor Laura Bulluck, founder and CEO of Hope's Crossing, a community-based non-profit organization helping women transition back into their community.

Laura , a professional within the health care industry for over 20 years, reached her professional plateau working for a top healthcare insurance company in Phoenix. Laura's colleague's see her as a innovative thought leader and visionary, utilizing her exceptional skills in project implementation, strategic planning, small business development and product development.  Laura's journey of personal and professional growth spans from the late 1980's to early 2005, at which time she realized, there is something more for her.

In early 1990, Laura began a women's outreach program entitled "Ladies in Power", where she created a series of educational workshops that highlighted the internal and external power that women posse.  The workshops created a space for women to be vulnerable, cleansing of their toxic past, while developing a support system to transform to the empowered women they desired to be.

This journey continued when Laura decided to further her education, which would also strengthened her desires to expand the outreach to women and their families in a philanthropic endeavor.  Walden University alumni's refer to ourselves as scholar practitioner's, impacting social change in our communities.  As the founder and CEO of Hope's Crossing , Laura leads her team of professional mentors and coaches to support women in transition back to our communities to a more fulfilling life and healing of their lineage.  Laura's guiding principles' supports the mission that every individual has value and her life's work help's women in particular, identify and realize their value, which elevates them to become personally and economically sustainable.

Today, Laura continues her passion by delivering messages as a community leader and keynote speaker, and to today's women and tomorrows Ladies IN Power.

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