SmartFem shares Volvo's safety record

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Volvo steps out of the box.

Volvo has been a name that has been known and trusted for years for it's safety but it has now come to mean so much more. Volvo has become a valued member of the family and has been passed down from one generation to the next.

The reason pre-owned Volvo's retain their high resale rate is because consumers are reluctant to part with them.

They were always known for the impressive safety records but have recently been acclaimed for their sleek new looks and progressive designs. 

Volvo stands for quality and it has proven it's high standard with an average lifespan of 18 years. While many manufacturers cut corners and try to manufacture for less costs Volvo continues to strive for quality and reliability. 

It continues to live up to the brand and legacy it's been know for since the beginning.

As stated earlier Volvo puts safety first always and every vehicle is designed to prevent accidents firstly and also minimize injuries. Careful thought and planning goes into every vehicle we manufacture. Volvo is also very pet friendly has created products to help keep your pets safe as well.  

Volvo has always strived to be the safest vehicle on the road and now that safety comes with many appealing designs and products to help keep you and your family safe while on the road.  The original boxy design may be gone but the safety and standards are higher than ever.

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SmartFem is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live.

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