Shop With Style offers tips on how to reform your dorm

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While college tuition may increase every year, the size of the average dorm room does not.
Lifestyle expert and Shop with Style founder Amy Sewell offers tips from Bed Bath and Beyond to help college students set up an efficient and stylish dorm room.
Sort It Out.  Before shopping, check your school's web site for a list of appliances and other items prohibited in campus housing.  It's also smart to check with your roommate to avoid buying duplicate items. ' Bed Bath & Beyond's Campus Checklist will help you cover all of the bases.
Lock It Up.  You will take expensive electronics and gadgets to school, so take steps to keep them secure.  A Laptop Lock will keep your computer secure all over campus, and a small in-room safe can help protect any valuables.
Make It Up.  While getting a good night's sleep is probably the last thing on your mind, you'll need some shut-eye between classes and parties!  When making your bed, an Allergy Luxe Bed Bug Mattress Protector is the perfect first layer for dorm beds that have been used for years.  Check with your school to see if you need Twin Extra-Long Sheets, and top everything off with a stylish bed in a bag that gives you the biggest bang for your buck and enables you to express your personal style in the room!
Raise It Up.  Create extra storage underneath the bed with a Bed Lifts that raise the bed off the floor and allow you to store extra linens, sports equipment and other gear out of sight.  Underbed organizers help you maximize the use of that additional space.  Hanging organizers enable you to organize sweaters, shoes and other clothing, while a shelving unit that fits over the bed provides extra shelf space for books, gadgets and more.
Pick It Up.  Save the time and expense of packing and transporting all of your gear!  Bed Bath and Beyond offers a free service lets you shop at your local store, but pick up items at the store closest to college.

Shop With Style is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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