Sally Hayes Permanent Makeup creates a better version of your natural self

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"Experience is the Difference"
Permanent Makeup by Sally Hayes

My philosophy is to provide my clients with beautiful, undetectable make-up that bridges the gap between looking washed out and looking "made-up". Permanent make-up should enhance the natural features that have faded with age, without giving a "made-up" look.

Topical make-up trends change from season to season. However, having thick lashes and defined lips and brows will never go out of style. Therefore, permanent make-up is not meant to replace topical make-up. It gives you the advantage of looking natural, only better, even when not wearing conventional make-up.

Imagine applying your make-up as a choice instead of a necessity. I encourage all clients to have a consultation prior to having any procedure done.

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Sally Hayes is a sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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