Custom Body Contour of Scottsdale: Quick, easy, pain-free way to flatter tummy

Give Yourself the Gift of Sexy in this New Year!
Slip into a beautiful new you with dramatic body shaping from Custom Body Contour of Scottsdale.  Their location feels like an elite spa.  Their technique is equally pleasant, unlike surgical procedures promising similar results.

Custom Body Contour is the only facility in the valley to offer the custom treatment, which combines ultrasonic and radiofrequency waves to literally melt fat right off your problem areas.  

So how does it work? A trained technician administers the treatment which first breaks up the stored fat and then liquefies it so that it can be metabolized by the body's lymphatic system and then processed through the liver.  The process shrinks fat cells and stimulates collagen, which tightens skin, for a toned, sleek appearance.  Yes, it even works on cellulite!

Results are amazing enough on their own, but they come with an added bonus: none of the pain, risk or cost of surgery.  So say goodbye to the muffin top, love handles, and saddlebags that have over stayed their welcome and say hello to a NEW YOU!

Most of the clients see a measurable change after their first treatment, with optimal results after six. Clients can begin their journey to look and feel more comfortable with their bodies for an amazing introductory offer of ONLY $99!  To find out how Custom Body Contour can help you, call 480-284-6244 to schedule an appointment.

Custom Body Contour of Scottsdale
8595 E Bell rd Ste D 101, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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