Prolean Wellness offers help to lose weight during holidays

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HCG is not approved for weight loss. This is true….however, the FDA has approved HCG for the treatment of infertility issues in women using very large doses. The typical dosage while treating for infertility is 10,000 IU versus the dosage for weight loss varies between 125 IU and 200 IU. In light of this, we feel that using HCG as a component in an overall comprehensive weight loss program is safe. We are also very clear in our explanation to all potential clients that HCG does not have FDA approval for the treatment of weight loss and is therefore an "off label" use of the product.
Real HCG can be purchased without a prescription. False! Authentic HCG is a controlled substance and is only legally dispensed via a prescription from a physician. If you are getting HCG online or from an individual without a valid prescription, it is either not authentic HCG, or it has been dispensed illegally. Either way, don't risk it! If you are going to put the time and effort into yourself, please do it safely under the care of a qualified physician.
HCG preserves muscle while you lose fat. False! It has never been proven that HCG preserves muscle…in fact, many clinics can exacerbate muscle loss by recommending that their patients NOT EXERCISE AT ALL! The first law of muscle preservation is "You either use it - or you lose it!" We have found HCG to be extremely effective at helping our clients lose abnormal stores of body fat, however, it is only through the other components of our program is muscle mass preserved in significant measure. We make regular exercise a part of the lifestyle changes that every successful client makes both while on the program and after. Let's form good habits not teach poor ones!
Another word on muscle mass…we cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining lean body mass. Muscle tissue is extremely important in your body's ability to burn fat and maintain healthy body weight. For example, while on a typical HCG program, someone may lose a total of 45 lbs. and within that 45lb. loss there could likely be a loss of 15lbs. of muscle (typical muscle wasting on most diets - including HCG from what we have seen). If this is the case, that person will have cost themselves the ability to burn about 450 calories/day. First of all, do you know how hard you have to work out to burn those 450 calories? If we extrapolate that out over a year and that would mean a possible weight GAIN of over 60lbs! SO…. you've lost 45lbs. and set yourself up to gain 60lbs.! We have a better idea….let's just keep your muscle AND lose the fat.
Bloodwork is important in assessing whether someone is a candidate for HCG therapy. True. Not every person is a candidate for HCG therapy! In our opinion, thorough blood labs are essential to building a safe and successful program. Often, there are outlying reasons why a person is experiencing weight problems and not because they are eating to excess. Chronically high insulin levels, underactive thyroid, and low DHEA levels are all among an array of possible issues that can significantly hinder weight loss even while using HCG. You need to grasp the whole picture of the individual's health before you understand how to truly help them.
If I lose weight with HCG, the weight will stay off permanently…even if I return to eating normally. False and really false! HCG IS NOT THE SILVER BULLET!!! There are many components involved in creating a truly successful program and HCG is just a tool we use in conjunction with many others. To achieve real and lasting weight loss success, you must do the following:
·    Protect, nurture, and grow muscle….muscle burns calories and is our friend!
·    Learn proper nutrition - through one-on-one instruction
·    Effect a basic and fundamental change in your metabolism
·    Change your lifestyle to promote these changes (don't treat the program as a "diet")
·    Be a manager of your body and take control instead of being a bystander
Many of our clients started on HCG elsewhere but have come to us because of our systems for success. DO NOT short circuit the readjustment periods (Phases II, III, and Maintenance) or it will come back. Do it right the first time.
The standard 500 calorie/day diet works for everyone.  False. It works for NO ONE! So do you go to the store and buy a suit or dress where one-size-fits-all? Didn't think so! (although it might make shopping a whole lot easier) Our experience has shown that each individual has unique and specific needs that must be met in order for any degree of HEALTHY weight loss to occur. We believe it is far better to teach your body to expect food every couple of hours. You should be eating 5 meals per day! Modern science and physiology allow us to custom tailor each program to meet the specific needs of each person. This is an essential key to long term success. Do not settle for an "off the rack" diet program. After all, this is you we

are talking about…not everyone else.
Everyone loses about a pound per day while on the HCG diet.  Not necessarily so. According to our extensive experience with the HCG protocol, men tend to lose between 1 and 1.5 lbs. per day while on HCG. Women, however, tend to lose between ½ lb. and 2/3 lb. per day on the average while on HCG. Again, it is extremely important to assess exactly what each person is losing - is it fat or is it a significant amount of muscle as well? We have seen some pretty incredible claims out there and have to believe that there is a lot of crucial muscle mass being wasted as a large part of those claims. Lose the fat and keep your muscle!
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Prolean Wellness is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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