Body Beautiful Day Spa: Next generation skin tightening technology

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Skin Tightening Technology
Now you can have tighter skin on your neck, face, upper arms, and more without pain, without surgery, and with absolutely no downtime! The Face Fractora Firm can tighten loose skin on your face, shrink those underarm "angel wings" that keep waving even after you stop, tighten loose post-baby tummy skin, and get rid of the turkey waddle under your neck.

The Fractora™ Firm is the most exciting, latest technology in non-surgical skin tightening.
·    Non-invasive
·    Safe for all skin types
·    Only mild discomfort, no topical anesthetic required
·    Perfect lunch time treatment - just 30 minutes per treatment area
·    Lasting results

Fractora™ Firm Treatments
Each Fractora™ Firm treatment is 30 minutes, and treatments are to specific areas on the body. While you will see results after a treatment, you will get the best results with six to eight weekly treatments. The Fractora™ Firm treatment areas are:
·    Neck
·    Face
·    Forearms
·    Upper Arms
·    Tummy
·    Upper Thighs
·    Upper Knees

How Fractora™ Firm Works
The Fractora™ Firm stimulates collagen to naturally remodel more tightly with more firmness by gently heating the skin with radio frequency. Many describe the warmth of the current flows between the Fractora™ Firm radio frequency electrodes as comfortable. The Fractora™ Firm has a unique built-in temperature feedback system. This ensures that the perfect temperature for maximum treatment effectiveness is reached with eliminating any risk of overheating.
The Fractora™ Firm at Body Beautiful Day Spa Phoenix
Body Beautiful Day Spa is the first day spa in Phoenix, Arizona to provide Fractora™ Firm treatments. There is no down time and all skin types can benefit from this newest technology in non-surgical skin tightening. Treatments are painless, and there is no special skincare required afterwards. The Fractora™ Firm treatments are only 30 minutes long, so they are perfect for lunch time!

While there are improvements after each treatment, the best results do require a series of six to eight treatments. However, if you have a special event, one treatment can give you a fresher, more vibrant look. Although radio frequency devices are not regulated in Arizona, Fractora™ Firm treatments at Body Beautiful Spa are administered by licensed Senior Laser Technicians. If you would like to make an appointment, or if you have questions about the Fractora™ Firm, call Body Beautiful Spa now at 602-522-9222

About Body Beautiful Spa
Body Beautiful Spa is a licensed day spa and medical spa conveniently located at 4449 N. 24th Street in Phoenix, Arizona, just south of the Biltmore resort. Body Beautiful Spa has a warm, welcoming atmosphere and is committed to providing the most effective anti-aging and skin care treatments at a great price. Body Beautiful Spa can be reached at 602-522-9222

Body Beautiful Day Spa is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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