New Simplified Process for Buying a Car is paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

Imagine for a moment getting the car you want for the price you want without ever leaving your home.  Digital Dealer Media and Scion are excited to roll out a new pilot program called Scion Pure Process.

We have all experienced the frustration, aggravation and emotional toll that going to buy a car at a dealership can present.  Manufacturers are finally starting to listen to consumers and trying very hard to make it a more pleasant and streamlined process.  More and more businesses are having to do business online and the automotive industry is certainly no exception.  Scion has recently taken the online car buying experience to the next level.  Most people know that they can do upfront research on their cars prior to purchasing however is transforming the traditional car buying experience into a more transparent, efficient and hassle free experience..   Online tools were designed to help guide you through much of the purchase process; helping reduce the time you spend buying a new scion.

Now through Scion Pure Process you can build your car, get financed and order your car to your specifications at the convenience of your own home or office .  Your car, your price, your way.  You simply order the car sign the papers at the dealership and drive away.  

Scion has some nice cash incentives for those ordering online right now.  It's a great Holiday gift idea and their are 5 participating dealerships in the valley who are testing this pilot program.  for more information check out is paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live


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