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We are 10 colleges, 2 skill centers and numerous education centers, all dedicated to educational excellence and to meeting the needs of businesses and the citizens of Maricopa County. Each college is individually accredited, yet part of a larger system - the Maricopa County Community College District, which is one of the largest providers of higher education in the United States. 

The Maricopa Community Colleges offer real-world work experience, including partnerships with many local employers, all adding up to many opportunities for motivated students to train for exciting new careers, or to improve their prospects in their existing fields. 

This year, we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary of helping to meet the educational needs of Maricopa County. 

Whether you are just out of high school, beginning or re-entering college or seeking lifelong education, you'll find that the Maricopa Community Colleges offer a wide range of opportunities for you to create the educational future that's right for you.
We offer approximately 1,000 occupational programs (degrees and certificates) and 37 academic associate degrees, and a total of 10,254 courses. We're the largest provider of health care workers and job training in Arizona, making us a major resource for business and industry and the place to be if you're seeking education and job training. 

You can learn in the way that's best for you, because we have flexible course delivery, including field based, hybrid, in person, independent study, Internet, mixed media, print based, private instruction, evening, weekend and open-entry/open-exit choices.
Maricopa Community Colleges' Workforce Development unit serves as a hub that connects workforce development programs and resources to ensure that the Greater Phoenix economy has a skilled labor pool to meet existing and future workforce needs.
The unit's work focuses on five main areas:
·     Workforce Development - Assisting our colleges to create new programs for emerging industry sectors (inward-facing), and the local public workforce system to improve the region's labor pool (outward-facing).
·     Economic Development - Working with the region's economic development community to assist businesses locating or expanding operations in Greater Phoenix.
·     Research, Planning, and Communication - Providing data and information about the Greater Phoenix workforce and economy to our colleges and partners.
·     Resource Development - Acquiring and administering new resources for the Maricopa district through grants, partnerships, and other cooperative ventures.
·    Professional Development - Offering diverse and effective professional development training for faculty, staff, and industry.

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Maricopa Community Colleges is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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