Mother's Day 2013 ideas: Know a new mom? Here are some creative gift ideas

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With a new baby at home, new moms find their days dominated by 3:00am feedings, diapers, and sleepless nights. Whether for "Mother's Day" or just to show love and appreciation, new moms need as much special care and attention as they are doling out to their new baby.

New moms have just taken on life's greatest challenge and with little spare time in their near future, all indulgences will be very welcomed.  So, it's time to pull out all the stops.

Lori Richmond, Editor of, the go-to-site for "all things babies," and named a "Top Women's Website" by Forbes Magazine , will guide you through a list of great gifts for new moms based on their personality type. 

Lori will help you figure out whether the new mom is a romantic, a homebody or a creative type and give you great gift ideas to make her feel special.

Gifts For the "Romantic"

New moms are still women and women who love romance still want to be wooed. Whether you plan a night out or an at-home candle-lit dinner, serve it with a romantic gift tucked into the napkin or in a covered dish.  Make it all about her.

Gifts For The "Homebody"

She may only have 15 minutes on any given day to curl up with a book, read a newspaper, watch her favorite show or just sit and stare out the window. Give this woman a gift that will make it the best 15 minutes of her day.  Think "immediate gratification."

Gifts for the "Creative Type"

In her spare time she used to knit, take photos and make her own videos.  Now her new baby has just provided her with an unending source of inspiration-- not to mention, a model for her knit caps and her photos and a new star for her videos.

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Pandora, Keurig, and Animoto are a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live


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