Morrison Vein Institute explains how to get rid of unsightly veins

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Venous reflux disease (vein disease) develops when the valves that keep blood flowing out of the legs and back to the heart become damaged or incompetent. As a result, vein valves will not close properly, leading to backward blood flow, known as reflux. Superficial venous reflux disease is progressive. Symptoms will worsen over time if left untreated. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms in your legs, you may have vein disease:

   Varicose veins                                           Leg heaviness and fatigue
   Pain or aching                                           Skin changes and skin ulcers
   Swollen legs                                              Restless leg
   Muscle cramps                                          Burning or numbness

Many factors contribute to the presence of venous reflux disease, including:

   Age                                                              Gender
   Multiple pregnancies                              Standing profession
   Family history                                           Heredity (by far the most significant)

The Morrison Vein Institute specializes in minimally invasive, in-office procedures for varicose and spider veins. They are world-renowned leaders in the field of Phlebology, which is the study of veins and vein disease. Their specialties include:

    Varicose veins                                                                        
    Compression stockings                                                        
    Venous malformations in children and adults               
    Labial veins     
    Blue face veins  
    Abnormal vaginal veins
    Spider veins                                       

The Morrison Vein Institute takes the most advanced treatments available and makes them even better by providing compassionate, complete, and thorough care. Using duplex ultrasound to evaluate your veins, we will determine what treatments are right for you. Procedures performed at Morrison Vein Institute include:

    ClosureFast & Endovenous Laser Ablation
    Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy
    Ambulatory Phlebectomy
    Cosmetic(visual) Sclerotherapy

Call Morrison Vein Institute for more information and to schedule your initial consultation at 480-860-6455.

Morrison Vein Institute is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live


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