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Do you have cravings of sugar or caffeine? Do you have difficulty losing weight or does your weight fluctuate constantly? Do you feel like you don't have enough energy to get through the day? Have you had difficulty sticking with your New Year's Resolution of changing your eating habits? 

If so, you're not alone and it's not just an issue of willpower. Most likely, you're having problems because of a build up of toxins in your body.

We are all TOXIC, and that's a fact. Many of the foods we eat, our daily eating routine, and even how we think about food contributes to problems such as weight gain, lower energy levels, and illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol. 

The question is how do you lower that toxic burden on your body safely and effectively?  How do you maintain new healthy lifestyle practices for yourself and your family? The answers can be found at www.mindbodyandflow.com.

Mind, Body and Flow "A Creating Wellness Center" helps people improve their overall health by teaching them the importance of detoxifying their bodies. We believe that a toxic system can hinder one's attempts to achieve a healthier lifestyle.  We have proven protocols to help you detoxify naturally, achieve great results, and maintain those healthy lifestyle patterns.

Natural Detoxification
The body has 5 major organs that act as "elimination superhighways" for riding he body of waste products and toxins: colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin. Through digestive supplements and cleanses, as well as procedures such as www.mindbodyandflow.com/colon-hydrotherapy , www.mindbodyandflow.com/infrared-bodywrap/ and www.mindbodyandflow.com/zen-shiatsui , Mind, Body and Flow has custom programs to help boost the cleansing function of these organs.

Clean and Conscious Eating
At Mind, Body and Flow we educate clients on clean and conscious eating. Learning how to minimize inflammatory foods from your diet helps reduce the burden on your cleansing organs.  Planning and preparing balanced, nutrient dense meals gives your body the appropriate fuel for functioning at it's peak while eliminating "emotional eating."

A Positive Perspective
Let go of the excuses and stop harboring a toxic attitude!  Your body will believe what your mind tells it.  We encourage clients to focus on learning about their health and the opportunity to practice something new.  Mind, Body and Flow has a team to support our clients as they strive to achieve their health improvement goals.
Give us a call at www.mindbodyandflow.com and ask about our newest program www.28daystohealth.mindbodyandflow.com

It's the perfect Clean Eating program that empowers you to change your lifestyle and achieve sustainable results in just 4 short weeks with a Gluten, Soy, and Dairy-Free program only available at MInd, Body and Flow.  Learn how to eliminate foods and habits that are compromising your health and receive the support needed to stick with it!

Mind Body Flow is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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