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Male Menopause Revealed

Have you been feeling tired, rundown and just not in the mood?  You may be suffering from low testosterone symptoms.

"Male menopause could actually be low testosterone in disguise," stated Dr. Charles Evans of Men's Vitality Center. "Obviously as you get older, you'll notice a lack of desire, a lack of ability to perform sexually.

"However, most men don't realize that testosterone is important in maintaining bone mass, fighting diabetes and even cardiovascular disease."

 In a study of nearly 800 men, ages 50 to 91 years, men with low testosterone levels had a 33 percent greater risk of death during the next 18 years than the men with higher testosterone.

3 Symptoms of Male Menopause
1.       Lack of focus
2.       Cognitive impairment
3.       Decrease in your mood.

Since 2010, Men's Vitality Center medical-supervised male hormone replacement therapy has helped hundreds of men who need to stay active and sharp.

"From firefighters, police officers to border patrol agents, we have seen all types because we have extended hours," said Dr. Evans. "We even had to open another location in Scottsdale to keep up with demand. With our other locations in Tempe and Glendale, we now have the ability to help men in the entire Phoenix area."

Men's Vitality Center also provides primary care services and offers fast same day and next day consultations.
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