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Founded in 1988, "Major League" derived its name from the fact that Bill was Major League Baseball's first strength and conditioning coach, a position he created and served in for the Kansas City Royals. Among the stellar athletes Bill trained were Bo Jackson and George Brett, the latter who credited Bill for a key role in his (Brett's) capturing the 1990 American League Batting Championship.

A graduate of Vanderbilt University, and a widely recognized expert on fitness and nutrition, Bill acknowledged that he has supervised the training of thousands of Arizonans in his well-equipped center, including business people and professionals, teachers, retirees and professional athletes. His center serves males and females from age 14 well into the 80s, with the average falling into the Baby Boomer category.

The original 30-minute workout

Indeed Bill was the founder of the "30-minute concept" that over the years has become the standard for many in his field. Through this system, he notes he has exploded long-held myths such as the necessity for lengthy and more frequent workouts than the three-times-per-week standard he established, as well as  exposing the fallacy of the old "calories-in/calories out" rule. Bill said, "It's not about what you eat, but, rather, what you digest."

With justifiable pride in what his clients have been able to achieve, Bill quoted their impressive numbers for body-fat loss and strength gains. Though not typical, he delights in telling the story of Liz, a current client and mother of six whom in her first nine hours working out has lost 23.5 inches, and 39 pounds of fat-weight while gaining 53% in strength. Another Client, George, relocated to Phoenix to enroll in the standard six-week course, which has enabled him to forego total knee replacement. Yet another, who weighed well over 700 pounds, is also one of his center's success stories.

A critical difference

Bill noted that while many may claim to offer personal training, what it really amounts to is "supervised group training." In distinct contrast, he said, Major League's clients prefer - and receive - "one-on-one" training through his staff. He also stated that the trainers on his hand-picked staff work as a team and part of a well-established and proven-successful system. He added, "Our six-week programs are custom-designed to clients' specific needs and desires." He also cited his team's emphasis on injury prevention.

Bill Ross, the communicator

Bill also touched on the fact that a significant part of the Major League practice is his personal outreach through writings and teachings. His popular book, "The Fitness Puzzle, Making the Pieces Fit," and numerous articles and a regularly-circulated e-newsletter are examples. In addition, there are monthly seminars at The Center, as well as others he presents nationally. He is especially dedicated to presenting a variety of corporate programs that are tailored to the specific needs of client-companies and their employees. A primary purpose of these, he said, is to demonstrate how employee fitness impacts the bottom line, as well as employees' lives.

Bill and his associates also take pride in charitable endeavors, including a number of golf tournaments that Major League has staged to raise thousands of dollars for worthy local causes.


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Major League Conditioning Centers is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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