Learn how to dance like a pro with Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Arthur Murray Dance Studio is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

Want to make Holiday Shopping a snap? How about the perfect gift for everyone on your list? From grandparents to preteens and everyone in between, dance lessons make a fantastic holiday gift. Gift certificates are available for couples or singles, and beginners thru advanced dancers. Not only will your loved one appreciate you when they receive their gift, but they'll also think of you for years to come as they enjoy their dancing at parties, weddings, cruises, night clubs, and almost anywhere there's music and enough room to dance!
How about the gift of more quality time with your spouse (or significant other)? Often times in our hectic world, it's difficult to find time for the people we love most. A dance lesson is the perfect way to start off a "romantic date night", and solve the "we never go anywhere" dilemma.
Can you put a price on the gift of health? We all know someone who could use a bit more exercise, but a bar bell in a gift box won't necessarily illicit squeals of delight. Get them moving (and loving it) with dance lessons from Arthur Murray's.

 You can purchase a gift certificate for a specific dollar amount, or take advantage of our special gift package:
        3 private lessons
        2 group lessons
        1 party/practice session
All for $149.00

Just mention Sonoran Living when you call any of our four valley locations:
    Phoenix    (602) 264-4612    
    Scottsdale       (480) 946-4241
    Mesa                (480) 287-5590
    Arrowhead     (623) 974-3500 

Arthur Murray Dance Studio is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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