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Being Overweight Could Signal Deeper Issues Within!
By Jeff Dana, Owner of Prolean Wellness

Many of us think that being fat is just a result of eating too much and not exercising enough. I know that is what I thought for most of my life! However, something just was not ringing true to me…I did not eat that much and when I did exercise, it did not make a difference that I could see. I tried to eat better (not that I was even eating poorly) and tried to incorporate more whole grains and fruit. This modification did not seem to make a difference…if anything It made it a little worse.

It was not until I had some very comprehensive blood labs done that I realized that I had other issues deeper within my body that were causing the fat to accumulate on the outside. I knew that I did not sleep well or wake up refreshed but I thought it was because of my bed. I also knew I had chronic acid reflux…usually every night…to the point where had a gallon-sized pail of antacid tablets next to my bed. I had also suffered from bouts of IBS as well. These symptoms were all resulting from the greater issues of chronic inflammation and from the fact that I was pre-diabetic.

It seemed my efforts of trying to eat better were actually making matters worse because "eating better" according to others was not "eating better" for me. I am different! How about that! Through the course of the full Prolean Wellness Program, I learned that I have food allergies that constantly caused my digestive system to be reacting like a gas can in a barn fire!  What? You mean I don't have to live with IBS, acid reflux or the medication's side effects that go along with treatment?  Not to mention the fact that most of the foods many heath experts recommend for losing weight were making my pre-diabetes worse. And something I have learned since…when insulin goes up…we store more fat!

These are just snippets of my story but they might as well be from many of Prolean's clients because the same issues continue be present in the majority we see on a daily basis. That is the reason I am such a soldier for the Prolean system…it gets to the core issues and addresses them so that losing weight happens as the body rights itself! It is a result of better health that we lose weight and when we lose weight…we are going to be healthier! Now that is a win - win!

A very basic tenet of the Prolean program is that the answers are there…we just need to help you find them. We all need OUR OWN answers and that is only done on a very basic and intimate level with your body. We hear it time and time again "They said I would have to just live with it".  We don't believe that's the case because we have seen that line of thinking proven wrong many, many times.
If you are looking for answers, not just any answers, but YOUR answers…you deserve better.
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Prolean Wellness is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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