How to create beautiful table decor for your holiday party

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During the holidays, many of us entertain the same group of family and friends on a variety of occasions.  However, it can be a challenge to set a distinct table for each holiday without spending a lot of money.  Lifestyle expert Amy Sewell shared tips from Bed Bath and Beyond for how to set stylish holiday tables without breaking the bank.

·    Start with a basic set of white dishes.  White dishes are the "little black dress" of entertaining, and can be dressed and accessorized for various occasions.

·    Add colorful accents such as silver, red or gold charger plates to give your plates a new look for each occasion, and use different colors and styles of candles for each holiday.

·    Use linens to add texture and color.  Choose a solid colored tablecloth, and layer on linens such as sequined placemats, textured napkins - even chair covers and bows.

·    Use classic pieces in a modern way (i.e. fill balloon wine glasses or vases with colorful candies, or use Christmas ornaments for place cards).

·    Select serving pieces that can be used year-round, and accessorize the table with seasonal touches.


Shop With Style is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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