Southwestern Eye Center: How LASIK surgery really can change a person's life

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In 1982 Dr. Lothaire Bluth opened the first Southwestern Eye Center in Mesa, Arizona. Over the last 30 years the practice has grown at an ever-increasing pace, now dotting the map with 24 locations throughout Arizona and New Mexico.

Dr. Bluth pioneered the concept of bringing the doctor to the patient, or bringing comprehensive eye care to rural and underserved areas throughout the state. On a given morning, three to four airplanes take Southwestern Eye Center ophthalmologists and their crews to outlying offices and ambulatory surgery centers where operations for cataracts, retinal disease, glaucoma, and oculoplastics are performed on those who are unable to travel or afford care in larger metropolitan centers. Offering outpatient surgical procedures locally allows patients to receive superior and more convenient care at a fraction of the cost the same procedures require in a metropolitan or hospital setting.  

Southwestern Eye Center is a family-held organization. Though our business family has grown, our care for each other and for our patients remains as warm as ever.

Southwestern Eye Center doctors provide comprehensive optometry and ophthalmology services including subspecialty procedures in vitreoretinal disease, oculoplastics, cornea disease, glaucoma, refractive procedures, low vision aids and ocular prosthetics. Many of these services are available even in our remote locations.

Southwestern Eye Center

Southwestern Eye Center is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live.

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