Housing Angels helps people stay in their homes

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Housing Angels Helping People Keep their homes

They are our neighbors; The Bradfield Family of Phoenix, The Harris Family of West Phoenix, The Giallanza Family  of Buckeye, The Nash Family of Mesa and the Littler Family of Gilbert, just to name a few.  And their stories are far too commonplace.  Due to the slowing economy salaries were reduced or jobs lost, or there were unforeseen medical bills that had to be paid.

These families could no longer afford to make their mortgage payment and could not sell their house because with dropping real estate values they were upside-down in their home (owed more than what the home was worth).  They were one step from losing their home.

Enter the Housing Angels.
The Housing Angels is the program launched by Dave Dziedzic of Real Core Realty that helps homeowners destined for foreclosure keep their homes.  An 'Angel' investor purchases the home in a short sale, then allows the former owner to lease the home with an option to buy it back, without ever having to leave their home.
And best of all, there is no cost to the homeowner.
In each case the family stayed in their home and their monthly payment was well below their previous mortgage payments.  And not only did they not have to uproot their kids, they were also on a path to rebuild their credit with a goal to buy back their home in four years at a significantly lower price.

According to Dave Dziedzic, "Most see the benefit of having a third party buy the home via a short sale thus preventing the lender from having to foreclose and negatively impacting their bottom line.  And the program is excellent for investors who want to own a rental property because there already is a tenant living there with an interest in maintaining the home."  
Dave is also very excited that families are now starting to buy their homes back.  "The Housing Angels program is less than two years old," explains Dziedzic , "and twelve homeowners have already bought their homes back.  Banks are not providing principal reductions so we are one of the best ways to help families get out from under that debt and stay in their home.  We hope struggling homeowners call us and let us try and help them."
Homeowners and Investors who want more information can contact Mike Baranack at     mike@housingangels.com     or 480-273-2510, or they can go to www.housingangels.com
Housing Angels is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live


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