Hildeez Enterprises Inc: Having surgery? How these clothes can help your recovery

Hildeez Enterprises Inc. is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

Hildeez Enterprises Inc. is a woman-owned company that locally manufactures a patent-pending post-surgical recovery garment to aid and simplify the healing process following a knee/hip replacement and/or injury.  We are an Arizona-based medical device company located in the city of Peoria, Arizona.

Kimberly Cox created the first conceptual idea in December 2009 for her mother - Hildegarde Barreto-Gray - who was days away from a total knee replacement.  Patients are required to begin walking on the new knee within hours of the surgery.  Hildegarde was terrified of walking around wearing only a hospital gown.  Kimberly strategized how she could help ease her mothers modesty issue so she could focus on her recovery without worrying about 'bearing it all'.  

Through this experience Kimberly felt it essential to help other individuals, like her mother, during their recovery.  The idea blossomed into Hildeez Recovery Garments, with Hildegarde being the namesake of the company.   

Our recovery garments ease a number of the challenges recovering patients may encounter...

·    Mobility
·    Accessibility
·    Modesty
·    Versatility
·    Unrestricted Movement
·    Easy Access Opening
·    Low Friction, Waterproof Liner
·    Stabilizing Pocket for thermal element (ice/heat)
·    Surgical/Injury Area Dry
·    Comfortable
·    Machine washable
·    Made in the USA!    
Hildeez is currently in the developmental phase on a recovery garment for the shoulder.  Expectation of availability to the public will be in the next few months.  

It is a heartfelt story behind how the company came into existence and we honestly believe Hildeez Recovery Garments will first and foremost transform rehabilitation for patients and eventually the entire healthcare industry.

Sonoran Living viewers can purchase the garments on-line at www.hildeezinc.com .  Enter code: SONORANLIVING to receive 40% off your order for the entire month of April 2013.

Hildeez Enterprises Inc. is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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