Green ID says you can save money and energy with the proper air filter in your home

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Tired of hot and cold rooms, ever increasing utility bills or always dusting the blinds and furniture?  Just like a doctor using x-rays and blood work to diagnose health problems, Green ID's home energy auditors use advanced equipment and technology to identify exactly what is causing those problems and recommend solutions to create a more healthy, comfortable and energy efficient home.  

Green ID's Four-Step Approach to a Comprehensive Assessment:  
1. Test your home with a home energy audit
2. Evaluate and balance efficiency upgrades, available rebates and financing incentives
3. Upgrade your home based on your customized road map towards energy independence
4. Verify our work to show measurable improvements  

Green ID's home energy audits include a series of important steps:    
Homeowner Interview- this is an important first step in diagnosing your home because it's your home and you are an important source of information for our advisor.   Visual Inspection of the House- to see where there are potential venting problems, window and sun exposure and typical construction defects that may lead to other problems.  

Combustion Safety and Gas Leakage Tests- are things you will want corrected and absolutely things you will need to fix before your home gets tightened up or the ducts get changed out  Whole House Blower Door Test- to measure how leaky your home is and to isolate where the leaks are occurring.  

Duct Leakage Test- to identify the amount of leakage that existing in the ductwork by measuring the leakage in the ductwork and visually inspecting the ducts in the attic.  

Duct Design Evaluation- we look at how the ducts were placed and installed in your rooms to find opportunities to properly air balance the home or relocate or add new registers for maximum air flow.  
Infrared Camera Inspection- will spot hidden defects in the insulation and thermal envelope we couldn't find any other way.  

Utility Bill Analysis- your home's usage pattern provide a good indication of what's going on in your home.  
Static Pressure Test- will evaluate your HVAC system, ductwork and registers to tell us how well the airflow is moving through your delivery system and if the system is being starved for air.  Pressure Test- will identify pressure imbalances between rooms that exaggerate dust and allergens, air leaks and make the HVAC system work harder than needed.  

Water Heating Evaluation- looks at your temperature settings, feasibility for alternative heating sources and other energy saving opportunities.  

Insulation and Air Barrier Evaluation- will inspect your attic for not only insulation condition, but how it was installed.  Poor installation or just a lack of knowledge by home builders and insulation contractors left many homes simply uninsulated.

Pool Pump Evaluation- will look at energy saving opportunities at your often overlooked, second biggest energy user in your home, the pool pump system.  Home Energy Report- summarizing our findings and giving you modeled cost savings from an advanced heat load calculation we perform on your home.  
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Green ID is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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