Want to know what that prized possession is worth? Find out how from Biltmore Loan and Jewelry

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Biltmore Loan & Jewelry is Now Considered a "Modern-Day Bank"

With over 30 years of experience in the diamond and jewelry trade, the founders of the company have built successful businesses through a reputation based on honesty, integrity, and trust.

Biltmore's goal is to provide the ultimate upscale collateral lending experience, based on the highest level of customer service for clients and by paying the most for their valuables. Staff includes GIA certified experts and experienced appraisers who have the expertise to value potential purchases and provide appraisals of all types of high end valuables. Considered simply the best source for people who want to sell jewelry, sell diamonds, or obtain loans on these and all other valuables.

Biltmore Loan has flexibility, expertise and privacy. The highest level of security is adhered to, as all valuables held are insured by Lloyd's of London.  All transactions are executed in a private, upscale Scottsdale office located in a traditional office building which also houses CPA firms, financial advisors and title companies.   "If you own it, we loan on it."  www.ifyouownitweloanonit.com

Safe. Fair. Confidential," Biltmore Loan & Jewelry is located at the corner of Indian Bend and Scottsdale Road.  For more see www.biltmoreloan.com or call Marc Israel at: 480-991-LOAN (5626).  Appointments are required.

Biltmore Loan and Jewelry is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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