Get cash back when shopping online at is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

Find Great Deals and Receive Cash Back When Shopping Online at

"It's free to sign up and use for all of your online shopping, " explained Marketing Director, Rob Gray, during a recent ABC15 Sonoran Living segment.  "Just enter your email address and create a password, and you can immediately start finding great deals and getting cash back every time you shop online."  

New members are usually amazed at how easy makes it for them to save money and get cash back.   "We frequently get the question: How does it work?" Gray said.  "It's actually pretty simple.  We've partnered with over 1,100 stores that pay us commissions when our members buy from them online.  Then we share those commissions with our members by giving them cash back rebates, as much as 40% of their purchase price."

When they sign up, members can choose to receive their cash back payment in the form of a check, Paypal credit, an Amazon Gift Card, or they can donate their rebates to their favorite charity.  "Once a member signs up and chooses how they want to receive their money, there are no other forms to fill out," Gray said.  Payments to members are sent out quarterly and if members ever have a question, they can call the Customer Service Phone Line, which is nice to see in a world where customer service usually means filling out an email contact form, sending it in and hoping for an answer.

Cash back on purchases isn't the only benefit enjoyed by members.   "We also offer our members the ability to search the web for any great sales, coupons or promotions that the stores may be running, or that may be available on a specific product," Gray said.  "This gives our members the chance to extend their online shopping dollars even further and creates yet another savings option in addition to cash back, just in time for back-to-school shopping."

"We make it very easy for our members to find the best deals and receive cash back when they shop online - just remember to click the Dot before you shop!"

Visit file:///C:\Users\Ch\Downloads\ now to get started    . is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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