High Society: Get whole new look without spending a lot of cash

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We have been here since 1988 in this exact location, expanding once in 2001 and again this year to the present size of 4100 square feet and we sell everything women wear from head to toe in sizes 0 to 22.

And to start off any new year we don't encourage resolutions, we encourage trying perhaps a
NEW YOU - a new look, a new style - something "out of the box" - for you.
And if you are on a diet, why not buy resale as your size changes - and you can consign some of the
clothes that belonged to the "old you".

High Society carries high-end labels and boutique brands alike.  And because we have so many out-of-town visitors to Scottsdale, we get labels and designs you might not know from other parts of the US, Europe and Asia.

We specialize in trying to have unusual items, perhaps a little funky. The staff is all style conscious and love helping you put together outfits. They can dress you from head to toe or they can match your favorite skirt, or shoes.  They know the inventory in spite of the fact that it changes hourly. We take in racks of clothing every day so you will always see new items.

We sell everything from blue jeans to ball gowns and we are very particular about what we take in for consignment to ensure you the best quality at the best prices.

We have experts that can come to your house to help you sort out your closets too - put outfits together, decide what to keep, what to toss and what to consign.   So why not start out the new year with an empty closet and fill it with new exciting styles without paying the high end boutique prices?
You can follow us on Facebook and twitter and be sure to watch the video tour of our website.

High Society Resale Boutique      
10805 N & 1st Way, Scottsdale    
Behind the NW corner of Scottsdale Rd and Shea Blvd
480 951-2506     

High Society is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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