Fix leaky ducts for good with Arizona Aeroseal

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If you were fortunate to catch Arizona Aeroseal's segment on Sonoran Living you learned that Aeroseal duct sealing is the ultimate 'must-do' step to home energy efficiency.  The fact of the matter is that all ductwork,  whether it be in new homes or old, leaks.  Up to 30% of the conditioned air that your AC unit works hard to produce is wasted through leaks in the duct system.  Air intended for the living space in your home to provide comfort for you and your family winds up in the attic or inside walls and crawl spaces costing you money.  In addition, air that does flow through the duct system as intended becomes contaminated with mold, pollens, dust, particulates, and insulation particles as a result of being sucked into the system through leaking ducts.  
Sealing your entire duct system safely from the inside with Arizona Aeroseal results in lower energy costs, cleaner and healthier indoor air quality for you and your family, decreased room temperature differential, and extension of the life of your AC unit.
During the segment we talked about the many signs that you may have significant duct leakage that included excessive dust(i.e. on furniture and vents),  white dust on top of ceiling fans blades,  musty smelling air coming from the registers,  whistling sounds when the air is on, and uncomfortably hot or cold rooms to name a few.

The purpose of the refrigerator was to clearly illustrate the amount of air being wasted during the operation of your air-conditioning unit.  If you have a home that is leaking just 100cfm(cubic feet per minute) of air,  which is a minimal amount and less than the international energy conservation code(IECC) requirement,  you are wasting 4 times the air capacity of 25 cubic foot refrigerator each MINUTE your AC is running.  Just imagine all of that refrigerated air that you are paying to produce being thrown right out the window!
The Aeroseal application provided by Arizona Aeroseal is the only process available that will safely seal household ductwork from the inside.  The patented technology of the Aeroseal process is unparalleled in the building industry allows the sealing of ductwork in areas (crawl spaces, between walls, and attics) that are otherwise unreachable.

Please call 602-510-2876 to schedule your Arizona Aeroseal service today and mention Sonoran Living and receive an immediate $250.00 rebate and $200.00 off.  That is $450.00 off to provide you and your family with a higher quality of indoor living while saving you money.

Arizona Aeroseal is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live


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