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A "Classic" Solution for Skin Imperfections

Regardless of skin type, gender, age or genetics, everyone can be prone to certain skin imperfections. Skin tags, whiteheads, spider veins, fibromas, and cherry angiomas are all unsightly abnormalities that can be eliminated instantly with the radio-frequency technology of the Skin Classic at Body Beautiful Day and Med Spa. treatments are fast and effective, zapping each imperfection in less than a minute and with minimal discomfort. The skin's surface isn't broken with the treatment so there is little or no downtime for appearance. A small scab may form at the removal site, leaving clear skin in a matter of days.

This innovative device is able to knock out a myriad of skin irregularities, including:

    Skin Tags (acrochordons): Skin tags are often attached by a thin stalk, but have no blood supply like a mole does. In addition to being unsightly, they can be painful when irritated by jewelry or clothing.
    Pigmented Skin Growths (fibromas): Fibromas are benign fibrous tissue growths that may be raised or flat, and are often darker in color. They may look like moles but a free consultation with one of our Senior Aestheticians can determine the difference and optimal treatment.
    Whiteheads (milia) and Blackheads (comedones): Clogged pores can cause unsightly blemishes or tiny cysts no matter what age you are, but the Skin Classic can zap them away permanently.
    Spider Veins/Broken Capillaries: Spider veins on the cheeks or around the nose are anything but an itsy-bitsy problem, however the Skin Classic can eliminate them in one session.
    Blood Spots (cherry angioma): Cherry angiomas are clusters of capillaries that form a dome or spot. They're usually bright red, but can also be brown or purple. Skin Classic can quickly and safely remove them.
    Age Spots/Liver Spots (solar lentigines): Hyperpigmentation is the technical term for those annoying age spots, and are a result of sun damage. Spots on the face, arms, hands and décolleté can make you appear older.  

There's no need to accept skin imperfections as the status quo due to age, environment, skin type, or heredity. The Skin Classic at Body Beautiful Spa can eradicate them and give you a fresh outlook. Call 602-522-9222 today to schedule a free, professional consultation and see what your options are.

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Body Beautiful Spa is a licensed day spa and medical spa with a warm, welcoming environment. Body Beautiful's exceptional technicians and medical professionals are dedicated to helping you look and feel your best. Body Beautiful Spa Phoenix is conveniently located just south of Biltmore Fashion Center at 4449 N.24th Street in uptown Phoenix, Arizona.

Body Beautiful Spa is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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