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Decoding Valentine's Day Gifts
By Meghan Krein

Ever wonder what he really means with the gift he gives you for Valentine's Day?  As a clinical therapist, with years of helping couples with their relationships and my position as Relationship Expert for Fascinations, I can shed some light on some of the more traditional gifts.
·    Lingerie: "I think you're sexy and I want you to feel sexy. And, maybe this will add a little spark to the bedroom."
·    Fragrance: Perfume is very intimate. In other words, "I'm going to be smelling you for a while. A very long while and I enjoy this scent."
·    Chocolates: A box of truffles from a cute boutique where you've hand selected the flavors she loves says, "I want you to be happy." It also says, "We may not be to the commitment stage yet, but hopefully we'll get there."  
·    Wine:  A nice bottle of wine or champagne says, "I remembered its Valentine's Day, but I'm not necessarily committing to anything. Well, except, maybe, sharing this bottle with you." Bonus points if he brings chocolates and/or flowers with the wine.  
·    Jewelry: For those in the initial stages of a relationship, this is a great gift. It says, "I really care about you and took the time to pick out that charm bracelet you've been oohing and awing over. I'm in this for the long haul." Bonus points if he has the jewelry personalized. But, if he proposes on Valentine's Day, he's lame and unoriginal.

Now that you have an idea of what his gifts mean, let me help you pick a gift based on what YOU want to say to your loved one this Valentine's Day or any holiday! If you want to say:

·    "I love you": Gift a couples massage and then indulge in the http://www.funlove.com/store/Gel_N_Bath/ [Gel N Bath] together.
·    "I want to spice things up": Gift a h ttp://www.funlove.com/store/Satin_Love_Mask-PD-4405-23/ [satin love mask ] and/or http:// www.funlove.com/store/Calin_Massage_System_Candle/ [Calin massage candle ].
·    "I want to take this relationship to the next level": Gift a gorgeous watch he's been eyeing and have it engraved with some special between the two of you.
·    "Let's keep things casual and see what happens": Gift him his favorite bottle of Whiskey or go all-out and make him a liquor gift basket, with glasses, Whiskey stones, etc.
·    "I want you to think I'm still sexy" : Pick a piece of http:/ /www.funlove.com/store/Velveteen_Corset/ [lingerie ] out in his favorite color that's a little more risqué than you normally buy and wear it underneath your outfit all night. Knowing it's there will make you feel sexy and he'll get a nice surprise when you get back to the bedroom.

Fascinations has an amazing and knowledgeable staff and nine Valley locations to help you find the perfect gift.  Log onto www.YourFascinations.com to shop or find a list of locations today.

Fascinations is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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