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Thanksgiving DIY at Fabric Depot by Girl Friday

They holiday season is here and its never to late to start a new tradition! I am going to share what I do with my family and how I have made it into a great DIY for Thanksgiving. I call it my Thank You Turkey.  The design is simple and is constructed of cardboard and fabric. Its approx. 20" x 13" and is used as your table centerpiece for the month of November. The idea is that on Thanksgiving everyone is given a blank thank you note and a pen to write down what they are thankful for this year. Before your feast has begun you pass your note to the person sitting next to you and then everyone reads each others thank you for the year. It has been such a great way to start the dinner and a way to share with the family. Afterwards there is a pocket on the backside of the turkey to keep all the notes for years to come. I love opening up the turkey every year and reading notes from passed years. I hope you enjoy this idea and make it your new family Thanksgiving tradition.

I have had a lot of fun designing a Thanksgiving table with the materials from Fabric Depot this year.  A few of the ideas you can do and they are so simple. Napkin rings are a great way to dress the table and I used fabric trim to create mine. You only need about 8" for each. The trim is great these days. Beads, feathers, gems there is so much to choose from. After I selected my trim I cut out fall leaves out of 4 different autumn tone fabrics and hot glued the leaves to the trim that had been glued into a circle to hold the napkin. I also used black puffy paint to trim the leaves and added black glitter for a little pop. Think about using the same leaf design for place card holders or use your napkins rings and put initials on them.

To go along with the Thanksgiving table I have designed the traditional children's hats that are so much fun for your feast. The boy and girl pilgrim hat, the turkey and the headdress. These fun hats will make any kids table look like the table to be at!

To complete the table here is the list of items. For patterns or list of materials used please contact Laura Mahoney Girl Friday 480 370-4520

Fabric Chargers
Fabric Votive Holders
Chair Tiebacks
Pumpkin Pie Apron
Fabric Pies

You can also come visit Fabric Depot and check out all the holiday displays and make your own or see Girl Friday on Mondays , Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 to 1:00 or call for an appointment 480 370-4520

We are having a drawing for a Pumpkin Pie Apron at the store. Come on down and put in your name and number. The drawing will be on November 19th!

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Fabric Depot is a paid  sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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