Fabric Depot gets you ready for Valentine's Day

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Valentines Get Ready Set Go!

     Valentines Day is always a challenge and it shouldn't. Keep the day simple but most of all fun and creative. Today I have some great DIY ideas for yourself and some tips to add a little BAM to the night.

      One of my favorite DIY ideas is the Bond Girl Clutch. Now this is a clutch that you add all your fun make-up accessories to the inside flap of your purse. You can make it from scratch or simply cover an old clutch from your closet with amazing fabric from Fabric Depot. The possibilities are endless and also make an amazing gift idea. The ultimate date night purse is the Rose Clutch. I love a pop of red for the night with a LBD ( little black dress). For all patterns and instruction contact Girl Friday.

     Don't wait for the flowers, make your own! I have designed some really amazing perfume bottle shaped vases. Again this design is so much fun to make and is a great gift. All you need is cardboard, fabric & trim from Fabric Depot, a glue gun, tulips and the pattern from Girl Friday.

    For all of these DIY ideas & tips you can contact Laura Mahoney Girl Friday at her Design Bar Mon. Wed. & Fri. from 9:00 till 1:00 at Fabric Depot 480 370-4520. Make an appointment with her or sign up for a class!

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Fabric Depot is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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