Express Flooring - How to pick the perfect floor

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Tips for selecting the perfect floors.
One: First it is important to consider your unique design style and the function of the room. Will you be hosting dinner parties, dog sitting for the neighbors, or maybe just curling up on the couch?

Two: Then think....what type of personality are you trying to and and chic....or maybe you already have some existing decor you are --trying to incorporate.

Three: Understand what type of flooring can accomplish your goals. Carpet and area rugs create feeling of warmth and comfort....wood and laminate flooring create the wow factor...lastly tile is the most versatile and can accommodate any desired look or just simply keep the room cool.

Tile Flooring Fun Fact:
Tile flooring retains the temperature of its surrounding air. A room air conditioned at 70 degrees will keep the tile floor also cooled at 70 degrees. Human body temperature runs at 98 degrees. Walking on a 70 degree tile floor with a body temp of 98 degrees creates a cool feeling from below your feet which travels upwards through out your body. This is how tile creates a cool room.

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Express Flooring is a sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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