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We know Men do, BUT…..Women Need Testosterone?   Really?                                                                                       
Testosterone is commonly understood to be associated with the male species, but when it comes to energy, it is crucial for both men and women. Women have approximately one-tenth the amount of testosterone that men have - and even for such a small quantity, testosterone plays a big role. Her levels drop by about half by the age of 40 (compared to the amount she produced at age 20) - and they drop even faster when she's exposed to chronic stress.                                                                                              
Low Testosterone causes a very predictable drop in -                                                    
Sex drive,                                                                                                                       
Loss of muscle mass,                                                                                                           
Reduction in metabolic rate                                                                                                  
Decrease in energy levels and mood -                                                                                
Followed by a predictable increase in body weight and feelings of exhaustion (low vigor).                                                                                                                                                                                            

Often referred to as the "hormone of desire," testosterone is involved in maintaining sex drive, muscle mass, mood and energy levels in BOTH men and women. After the age of 30 (just like in men), testosterone levels start to drop in women. Testosterone increases neurotransmitters, like dopamine, aiding energy production and also acts as an emotional shield, controlling mood swings and inducing desire in the bedroom. With low levels, your energy, mood and sex drive can suffer - in both men and women.                                                                                                                                         

Foggy thinking, low libido, fatigue and uncontrollable emotions are signs that your testosterone levels may be out of balance. Erratic levels of cortisol, caused by stress, often inhibit production of testosterone, tanking levels well beyond a healthy threshold.                                                                                                                                               
Envoque MD helps Women feel better by:                                                                          
    Addressing the symptoms, such as hot flashes, weight gain and fatigue                         
    Managing stress in your life and regain energy                                                              
     Assessing hormonal imbalances and optimizing to correct levels.                       

Envoque MD helps Men feel better by:                                                                                    
     Assessing for low testosterone and addressing changes in libido                                   
     Helping you manage stress in your life and feel on top of your game again                
     Addressing weight gain, nutrition and the use of vitaminsHere at EnVoque Wellness, our doctors take a whole person approach to anti-aging and wellness. Our physicians help people regain and maintain their optimal health, despite the changes that occur as they age.                                                                                 

Treatment at EnVoque Wellness involves medical evaluation, nutrition, fitness and wellness guidance, as well as hormone and supplement therapy, as needed. You can start feeling better today! Call now… (480) 447-3213                                                            
Visit us at  www.envoquemd.com                                                                                       
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"The doctor at EnVoque gave me my life back!" "I was misdiagnosed and overdosed with hormones! Balancing hormones is a science. It isn't a magic pill. It is all about the package of low stress, exercise, diet, supplementation and hormone balance.  This is the first doctor in years that GOT IT! I now have….. My life, my energy, my memory, the ability to feel joy…they are all back!"                                                                                               

 M. Neilson,Mesa                                                                                                                                                                   

I have used this company  for about 3 years, I have been very happy with the service and the results I have achieved. I would recommend them to anyone. Very professional!S. Frieh, MesaTo date I have lost 13 pounds of stomach fat, my mood and general health has improved in every way possible. The results have been simply amazing. I really look forward to every visit. The staff could not be better, What a great investment....                                                                                                                                          
T Rodgers,Scottsdale                                                                                                                                                                      

Great doctor who actually takes the time to listen to your concerns, caring and very helpful in diagnosing and recommending remedies for your health needs. The staff is helpful, polite and always willing to go the extra mile for their patients!                                       
M Groves,Scottsdale

ENVOQUE MD is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live


 MD is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

Providing effective, managed weight loss for a healthier future.
Envoque MD is a wellness company with an intensely trained team including a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and a certified Nutritionist/Physiologist. The Envoque MD team is dedicated to providing medical weight loss services to patients desiring a healthy, effective weight loss and management program as well as the advantages of medical assistance. Our weight loss program consists of a three-phase approach guided by intensively trained medical professionals. A nutritionally sound and balanced dietary program is the backbone of the educational process used to guide patients to a healthier lifestyle. The program does not rely on prepackaged foods or liquid diets laden with additives, but rather on healthy foods from the grocery store
Being healthy is more than just losing weight. It's about changing the way you LIVE. That's not an easy change to make.
Fortunately here at Envoque MD, we've put together a proven formula consisting of the right medical and health professionals, technology, and wellness products to give you everything you need to make a lasting change. In fact, our proprietary program has had a more than 95% success rate with individuals who stick to the program.

enVoqueMD Personalized Wellness
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Website: www.enVoqueMD.com

enVoque MD is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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