Easing the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia

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Fibro-Fog Disables. Help is Here!

More people are claiming disability from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue every year, but it's not the pain that disables workers. The "Fibro-Fog" that often accompanies Fibromyalgia is the culprit.

Fibro-Fog can have several manifestations including: difficulty with word use and recall, short term memory problems, directional disorientation, multitasking difficulty, confusion and trouble concentrating and finally with performing simple mental math. These are the types of problems that are disabling workers and seem to become worse with increasing pain levels.

Control the Pain and you Control the Brain Fog

Patients who can control their pain levels have less Brain Fog. The key to control Fibromyalgia Pain is to get to the point where you can regularly exercise. Most Fibromyalgia pain sufferers overdo the exercise initially, which will aggravate pain levels instead of improve them. The secret is to start with very low impact exercise and for very short durations, such as 5 or 6 minutes. Yoga and swimming are two of the best exercises to begin with. Slowly work your endurance levels up to the point where 30 minute exercise is possible and performed with regularity.

I Can't Exercise for 2 Minutes Without Causing More Pain

For many, the experience of exercise is too painful to consider. If this describes you, then there are Non-Steroidal injectable procedures available at Novocur Pain Management Clinics, which will get you to the point where exercise is possible without causing additional pain. Once you can exercise regularly your body's own immune system and hormones will help control your pain levels and thus reduce the Fibro Fog that disables so many Fibro sufferers.

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Novocur Pain Management Clinics is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live


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