Dr. Ptak transfers fat to help you look younger

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Fat Grafting is used for facial reshaping, filling in deep facial lines, nasolabial folds and sunken eyes. The technique can overcome sagging and deflation due to fat loss over time. Natural body fat is replaced and creates the most realistically youthful look possible.
There is an added benefit to fat grafting that has become known only in recent years. The body fat used in the procedure is rich in stem cells, that when placed in contact with organs such as the skin can actually repair and rejuvenate those organs. Frequently these stem cells help to overcome problems such as pigmentation due to aging, wrinkles, or loss of facial volume. Many surgeons have come to regard Fat Grafting as a cure that offers double benefits of reshaping the face and rejuvenating the skin.
Who is a Candidate?
This technique is effective in correcting a thin or gaunt face, a long face, a bottom-heavy or jowly face, chubby faces, or asymmetry. It is ideal for correcting deep facial lines and sunken eyes.
Procedure Information
Fat Grafting is minimally invasive. The first step is to extract fat from your own body through liposuction. The fat is then specially processed in the operating room. It is injected deep within the facial structure. This accentuates cheekbones, lips, cheeks, chin, nose, temples and the jawline. Since the fat is injected deep within the face, the procedure is often permanent, but on some it may need to be repeated.
This procedure achieves excellent results without the long down-time associated with more invasive techniques.
Because Fat Grafting is only minimally invasive thus downtime is minimal. Usually, you can return to normal activity within days. Likely side affects include some swelling and redness in treated areas.
Find out how Fat Transfer can make you look years younger in the most natural way.   

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Dr. Jeffrey Ptak is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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