Dr. Kotoske shares hot trends in cosmetic surgery

Dr. Kotoske is a paid advertiser for Sonoran Living Live

Today the cosmetic surgical industry is inundated with products and procedures that over- promise and under-deliver. The industry provides the "quick fix" product that ultimately leads to consumer dissatisfaction. This makes people feel that plastic surgical correction is unobtainable, and possibly too expensive to achieve their goals. What is required is an in-depth evaluation of the appropriate surgical practice that provides the most innovative and up-to-date procedures with excellent patient satisfaction and years of experience behind it.

At the Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Dr. Thomas G. Kotoske is recognized as a national leader and an award-winning "Top Doc" in the field of cosmetic surgery. The most popular procedure he performs today involves rejuvenation of the face. The "Quick Lift™" - an innovative and minimally invasive face-lifting procedure that has long-lasting results with minimal pain and downtime, is becoming one of 2012's hottest facial procedures. Eyelid, nose and ear rejuvenation, along with skin resurfacing is commonly performed. These techniques, in combination with the latest in skin-care products and Injectables, provide the patient with the highest quality of face and body rejuvenation.

For further information about Dr. Kotoske and how you can achieve your ultimate beauty with a Body By Kotoske, visit www.bodybykotoske.com or call 623-516-2639.

Dr. Kotoske is a paid advertiser for Sonoran Living Live

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