Dr. Jeffrey Ptak explains how to get rid of cellulite for good

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The Most Versatile and Innovative body Contouring System on the market

What is the technology? VASERsmooth™ is the latest surgical cellulite solution available today. VASERsmooth uses gentle ultrasonic energy to break apart unwanted fat and cut through hardened fibrous bands underneath your skin that can lead to a dimpled appearance referred to as cellulite.
What does the VASERsmooth technology do? First, the area to be reshaped is filled with a tumescent saline solution that helps numb the site and shrink the blood vessels (to minimize blood loss and reduce bruising). This solution wets and fills the area to be treated, making it easier to break up fatty tissue with the VASER Lipo System's ultrasound energy. Then a small probe transmits sound energy to break up (liquefy) fat on contact and cut through the fibrous bands that cause the skin to have a dimpled appearance.  Finally, the liquefied fat is removed through a gentle suction process designed to minimize trauma to surrounding tissue structures such as nerves, blood vessels and other connective tissues.
Does it hurt, what is the downtime? What sort of results can be expected? How long will it last? This varies with the extensiveness of the procedure-the amount of fat removed, the number of areas treated, and so on. Most patients report minimal pain and bruising postoperatively, and many patients report that they see results immediately after the procedure with the final result at around 3 to 6 months.
Why is this different from all of the other lasers that are all over television? VASERsmooth is a surgical solution for the treatment of unwanted fat and skin dimpling. Physicians report that the results are much more dramatic and should last longer than the non-surgical solutions currently on the market.
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Dr. Jeffrey Ptak is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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