Dr. Dean Silver shares some reasons why we age more rapidly

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I, Dean R. Silver, M.D., am board-certified , specializing in anti-aging medicines, internal medicine, and cardiology.

Using anti-aging medicine, which is integrative and preventive medicine, I cured my cancer twelve years ago and reversed my heart disease six years ago. I am now a leader in the anti-aging revolution. It has now been practiced around the world for the last twenty years in 110 nations by at least 26,000+ physicians worldwide. I am proud to say that I was one of the first physicians in the United States to receive my certification by the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine and I have been an oral examiner, giving oral board certifications to doctors around the world. I have dedicated my life to education, bringing new technologies and anti-aging issues and therapies to myself, my family, my friends, and my patients.

Anti-aging medicine is a clinical specialty that specializes on prevention, early detection, and reversal of age-related disease. I feel that it has been the most important new model for healthcare in this century. You owe it to yourselves and to loved ones to take full advantage of everything that the anti-aging revolution can offer and the good news is that it can offer it now.
Today's scientists know much more about how the body deteriorates and how our bodies get diseased. The point to remember closely is that aging is not inevitable and, for the first time in human history, due to new medical breakthroughs, we have uncovered new information about the keys to aging, that is, the biochemical keys and genetic keys we can now truly stop or even reverse the aging process.

The baby-boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964), like me, have looked at the traditional medical paradigms used by traditional doctors and are not happy.  It is costly and ineffective. There is no  mention of prevention. We baby-boomers are demanding a new approach to aging. What is important to me and to my patients is being functional and having the ability to enjoy our lives. I want to rectangularize my lifespan  and  of my patients, that is to say, I want to live a long life and die of a sudden death.
All diseases essentially fall into four major categories. There are a few that are inherited genetic diseases, there are infections, and there is trauma. These do not account for much of the cost of treatment in the United States, only approximately 10%. Ninety percent of all health care dollars are spent on diseases of aging and most is spent in the last two to three years of life on chemotherapy, intensive care unit visits, and costly medication. Since I have been so sick and cured myself using this new scientific anti-aging medication, my desire now is to teach others what I have learned. It is a combination of genes, toxins, and biochemical individuality, that is to say, we are all different in our genes, that is, our book of life is different.
In order to lead a long, healthy life, our good genes must be expressed and our bad genes must be silenced. This is the new frontier of epigenomics where you are in control you are in the driver's seat. You can influence your outcome and the diseases you will get. No longer are we genetically hardwired. Our diet, our lifestyle, vitamins, rest, relaxation, and exercise all can turn on  good genes and shut off bad genes.

As a physician who had cancer and heart disease, I am in a good position to read all the new medical research and attend all the meetings that are relevant to aging. The reason I do this is selfish. First of all, it is for myself. Every meeting I go to, I learn something that can extend and prolong my life. Next in line are the people I love and my patients. I feel that having gone through cancer and heart disease I should pass my wisdom on to others. It is my passion to deliver excellent medical care. My passion is to learn about these natural breakthroughs and then use them on myself, my patients, and others. I have been using these protocols for approximately twenty years to reverse many of my own health problems. This science is now showing us how to slow and even reverse our biologic clocks, that is, to make us biologically younger. Yes, you can reverse the clock, you can slow down your biologic ticker, and actually get younger.
I feel it is no longer acceptable for me as a doctor to dismiss my patients' aches and pains and telling them that they're "getting old," that this is "normal." I feel the gradual deterioration of the body is not normal and I attempt to maximize our lifespan and reverse our diseases or even prevent them before they occur.


1. Free radicals or Oxidation

Free radicals occur several million times a second. They are very dangerous and bad molecules and most of them occur in our mitochondria. The mitochondria are little batteries in our bodies that give us energy

and metabolize protein, carbohydrates, and fats. We need them for our existence. When the free radicals are too high, the batteries can't work. Our bodies cause abnormal proteins, fats, and destruction of cell membranes. There is actually destruction of our own DNA, that is, our own genes, and all this causes our bodies to self-destruct and, if they don't self-destruct, these abnormal cells after mutating become cancerous.  Please realize that free radicals are the basis of every disease process we have, starting from Alzheimer's to stroke to heart to diabetes to arthritis, colitis, and cancer.
I measure these free radicals routinely in my office. To squelch these free radicals and have good levels are essential to our health. By measuring the amount of oxidation and free radicals as well as mutation in the cells as well as vitamin and mineral levels and toxins, a personalized program is instituted for every patient. Remember, without these batteries, the first sign is fatigue, then comes weight gain, then comes high blood pressure, then comes heart disease, then comes Alzheimer's, then comes cancer. I am trying to tell you ALL DISEASE starts as free radical damage. Don't you think you should have your free radicals checked and don't you think you should treat them?

2. Inflammation   

Inflammation is a chronic total body inflammation, which is usually a defense to a specific agent such as infection with bacteria, fungus, virus, a toxin such as a heavy metal, or electromagnetic radiation, or some type of injury. Poor nutrients and poor diet can also cause this. It also is associated with diseases of aging, such as cancer, heart attacks, Alzheimer's, allergies, autoimmune, poor healing, kidney disease, essentially all diseases that free radicals cause. Of course, I measure inflammation in all my patients; it is part of the routine workup. I then use natural antiinflammatories to lower or find out why they are high in the first place.

3. Glycation                               

Glycation is where a molecule of sugar and a molecule of protein fuse and crosslink together. What happens is that the tissues get stiff and tough and they make these toxins called advanced glycation end-products, which are extremely toxic to the body, and they also generate more free radicals and more inflammation. Glycation is especially seen in diabetics, people with insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, lens cataracts, heart disease, kidney disease, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's. You need to learn how to cook foods at a low temperature, avoid blackened foods and fried foods. There are several tests I perform in the office to see the amount of glycation; this is then treated with lifestyle changes in addition to nutraceuticals and hormones.

4. Hormone decline                 

Growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, pregnenolone, DHEA, cortisol, aldosterone, melatonin, and thyroid act as an orchestra, keeping our bodies optimum. I use only natural bioidentical hormones after testing each patient's levels. All levels are checked with a 24-hour urine, saliva, or blood. After extensive testing, hormones are instituted to maintain optimal levels. I myself have been on hormones for fifteen years. They have lowered my blood pressure, I have lost fifty pounds, lowered my cholesterol, lowered my blood sugar, improved my memory, burned fat, and improved my osteoporosis.  Did you know that hormones lower inflammation and free radicals and they actually grow new brain cells, new bone, new cartilage cells. It's an orchestra that needs to be played in perfect balance, and I use small doses, not large, of hormones so the orchestra in my body plays classical, fine music.

5. Insulin resistance              

By lowering your refined carbohydrates and eating a low glycemic load foods, your blood sugar will lower and your insulin level also will lower. Believe it or not, lowering insulin and blood sugar can dramatically slow the aging process. What is happening is that by lowering your blood sugar and insulin you are turning on good genes to prolong your life. Remember, processed white carbohydrates were not on this earth during paleolithic times. They will give you diabetes and are killing us Americans. High blood sugars result in high cholesterol, giving the same diseases already mentioned, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, etc. Diet and exercise are the ways to lower sugar and insulin by eating good protein and fats and with a few low glycemic healthy carbohydrates we can actually extend our life. Our fast-food mentality, laden with hydrogenated transsaturated bad fats and massive amounts of unprocessed refined carbohydrates, is killing Americans. There is an epidemic of diabetes and high blood pressure, and these people are shortening their lifespan, but the good news is that this is very easy to reverse. It is all in your hands!

6. Telemeres shortening           

Your cellular clock

is ticking away till you die. Telemeres are caps at the end of your DNA or your genes. As you age, they shorten every time the cell divides and when they are very short the cell dies. I use a laboratory where you can now measure the telemere age and the SHORTEST telemere length, which is actually your biologic age, not your chronologic age. The good news is that telemere length is dynamic, that is, with good choices we can prolong our telemere life and prolong our biologic age; with bad choices, they shorten, so with good diet, lifestyle changes, and specific nutraceuticals, you can actually prolong your biologic age. I use specific products to increase my telemere lenght then retest it to make sure.

7. Lipofuscin                              

This is  Waste accumulation not picked up by the garbage truck. As toxins accumulate during their normal functioning, they produce more and more waste products and unfortunately the cells can malfunction and they can't dispose of the waste  accumulating in tiny lysosomes, which are called lipofuscin. These are pigmented "age spots," made up of waste products. The problem is that they are destroying our cells. It is like New York City without a garbage pickup - remember when they went on strike? It is a key factor for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, emphysema, bronchitis, and macular degeneration, etc. The way to eliminate the excess waste is through detoxification.
You need to have your detoxification genes checked and see exactly what has to be up-regulated or tweaked. I detox daily with a liver cleanse, through a infrared sauna, through  PEMF and lymphatic detoxification. If we are highly toxic, we need to take nutrients to optimize our detox capabilities. We need to evaluate heavy metals such as aluminum, lead, cadmium, mercury, bacteria, virus, fungus, that is, all infections,and  even Lyme  disease .Yes, it's a toxic world! The other toxicity that has recently gotten review is the wireless EMF problem. There are some things you can do to protect yourself from the constant bombardment of the EMF. In my house, I shut my wireless down at night, I do not sleep near a plasma TV, there are no dimmer switches near the bed, and no neon alarm clock. Most importantly, the phones are plug-in and I do not use wireless. You can also do a search around your home - how many cell phone towers there are, and, if you do have a cell phone, which we all have, I suggest you do not use a headset or a Bluetooth, since it is going directly to your brain. If at all possible, do not keep the phone on your body and use the speaker. Try not to use it when you are in a car, because the metal in the car makes you a massive antenna. Yes, EMF causes free radicals, causes inflammation, causes mutation, and alters our genes. They also make abnormal infections multiply. Of interest, EMF can be checked with an inexpensive gauss meter.

8. Epigenetics

This is controlling your genetic expression. It is how the environment controls the expression of our genes. Our genes are constantly being turned on and off to make things our body needs, so, with a good diet, exercise, low toxic load, and good emotions, our good genes can be expressed and our bad genes silenced. The good news is you can now check your book of life and your abnormal genes. These abnormal genes are called single nucleotide polymorphisms, SNPs.
Improving your genetic expression after testing for your SNPs, is invaluable. I do SNP testing for breast cancer, for detoxification, for brain, for immunity, and also certain drugs such as cholesterol medications called statins and certain other blood pressure medicines. In other words, you can now tailor-make your therapies based on your genes, so based on my genes I take a certain prescription  blood pressurepill called an ARB. This has markedly controlled my blood pressure and improved my kidney function. Yes, we can turn on good genes, silence the bad ones, and prolong our life.  I think it is imperative that you know your book of life because genes are the loaded gun and the environment pulls the trigger. Now you can check your genes and manipulate your own genetic destiny. This is personalized treatment using personalized vitamins, hormones, and detoxification to control your genetic expression to extend your life. Pretty amazing, huh!

9. Our Mitochondria

These are the batteries that give us cellular energy. These are little energy plants making energy or ATP, mostly found in organs such as the brain, liver, kidneys, and heart. We need the ATP to break down the carbohydrates, fats, and foods we eat. This is routinely measured by me as I look at KREB cycle intermediates to see if the patient is making energy  WHICH IS CALLED  ATP. I can also tell if there are metabolic blocks or toxic blocks or nutritional deficiencies; it is a fabulous test! As the mitochondria dwindle, we get less energy, we have more free radicals, we have more glycations, more shortened telemeres, lower hormones,

cell death, or cancer. The good news is we can upgrade our mitochondrial function, that is, we can increase our cellular ATP, which is our cellular energy. The amount of ATP can be analyzed, as can the mutation rate. There are certain nutritionals that can actually regenerate new mitochondria and there are easy things like exercise that will do the same. My program encompasses multi factorial mitochondria regeneration. I think it is the key. As you regenerate mitochondria and lower your free radical load and lower your inflammation, there is increased telemere length, so you see, life extension is a true science, it is interwoven, and everything is interrelated.

10. It's a toxic world!

We have genes that cavemen had but we are bathed in a toxic soup. The world is becoming more and more toxic every day – polluted air, polluted water, polluted food, electromagnetic frequencies with wireless and iPhones. Did you know that all these mutate our DNA and actually cause cell death? Did you know that toxins like heavy metals, such as aluminum, lead, cadmium, and mercury, wreak havoc on our telemeres and shorten our lifespan? I perform testing in the office daily to evaluate heavy metals in my patients. Things like aluminum can be chelated and the patient told not to use aluminum deodorants or cook in aluminum pots and pans. Mercury – did you know that 50% of dental amalgams are made of mercury? Did you know you need to avoid tuna fish, swordfish, bass, and other large fishes? What about infections? They are toxic too. Toxic mold, bacteria, virus, and infections like Lyme are becoming worldwide – we are destroying our planet. Have you thought of the plastics, the synthetic world of chemicals? Yes, they all shorten our telemere length, cause free radicals, cause inflammation, cause mutation, give us bad genetic expression, and finally death. Since this is a toxic world, we need to see our unique genetic detoxification systems by looking at our SNPs for detoxification. The good news is depending on where the abnormalities are, they can be up-regulated to normal levels. I think we need to detoxify on a daily basis or we die – plain and simple, we die.


Anti-aging medicine is here now. It is not a thing of the future – it is something you can start tomorrow. By reading these few pages, you have learned to reverse the hands of time and stop your biologic clock. This way, time is on your side.  Feel more energetic, boost your brain power, improve your cellular energy, and extend your lifespan.

I feel every patient needs to know his book of life or his genetic code. This is obtained through single nucleotide polymorphism or SNP testing. Then we look at your overall free radicals, mitochondria function, telomeres, mutation rate, your inflammation, methylation, insulin resistance and toxic load. Of course, routine studies such as cholesterol, blood count, chemistries, liver, and kidneys are also obtained. I also look at how the body meets its needs with specific vitamins known to prolong life. Every person is different. With this new age peer-reviewed cutting edge medical testing, we can actually extend our lifespan and reset our biologic clock. You are no longer a victim of your genes, but now you are in control of your own health. You can be proactive, promoting your own longevity. With diet, exercise, hormones, vitamins, and detoxification, we can truly alter our destiny. Start today! It is never too late!

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Dr. Dean Silver is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live


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