Dentistry of Old Town Scottsdale: New methods virtually eliminating fear of poor fit with dentures

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Digital imaging and computer design have infiltrated the denture world! No longer do people have to fear wearing dentures.  The dental world seemed to be moving on and leaving dentures in the dust.  The only alternatives seemed to be high priced implants, and we were not making any improvements in dentures.  It was not "sexy" to study or improve dentures, and patients and dentists both wished they would go away.  However, the creators of Invisalign orthodontics have taken their talents to the design team at AVADENT digital dentures and vastly improved the "ages old" denture world.  Let me share some of the advantages of the new AVADENT digital denture:

* Delivered in as little as 2 appointments
* Computer precision fit
* Bio-hygienic material that drastically reduces sore spots and "denture breath"
* Permanent Digital Record for patient security and convenience
* Made in the USA (Right here in the Scottsdale Airpark)

In addition to these advantages, you are not limited to only complete dentures.  These dentures can be made for partial denture situations, as well as, combined with implants for additional stability and security.  These new methods are virtually eliminating the fear of poor fit with dentures.  

One of the greatest advantages to this tooth replacement system is the COST.  Multiple Implant cases typically range from 4 to 6 implants with a fixed device to replace the teeth.  The cost of one of these procedures is running from $18 to $25 thousand dollars!!  Frankly, the cost is the greatest deterrent to having those procedures performed.  NOW, thanks to this alternative, you can receive the same level of satisfaction with device that can be removed for better cleaning.  But most importantly, you can get a denture combined with implant retention closer to $6 or even, $8 thousand dollars.  And, a typical non implant denture can be achieved for $1500 - $1800 dollars.  There is absolutely no reason to go without replacing missing teeth, and the ability to achieve satisfaction is becoming extremely affordable.  

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Thank you,
Brad Brittain, DDS

Dentistry of Old Town Scottsdale is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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