Dental Center of Mesa: Advancements in technology make dentist more affordable

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Advanced technology allows us to offer teeth in a day, from digitally fitted dentures to implant supported prosthetics.

We have an onsite dental lab to cut down on wait time on everything from fabricating your new partial denture to repairing your current dentures.

Jonathan Kalika, D.M.D. utilizes Stem Cell Therapy to help regenerate bone in perio patients to helping our full mouth restoration patients much more predictably with less pain, which allows you to heal faster.

The family practice is devoted to patients of all ages, with any type of dental needs. We utilize digital x-rays, 3D Scans, and the latest laser treatments.

We offer mild oral sedation, or relaxing gas to full IV sedations. This helps to treat active small patients to the dentally phobic patients, also allow patients to relax during wisdom teeth removal and implant placements.

For Snoring, Kalika uses an appliance called Tap - and the office can look into your medical insurance benefits to see if you have coverage for an appliance.

Dental Center of Mesa can typically see patients having an emergency on the same day, and they do have a denturist on staff for immediate repair.

Dental Center of Mesa has also teamed up with a Specialized Mobile Denture to help their less mobile patients.

Patients can call to schedule a free consultation with x-rays for pain, or dentures or cosmetic reasons. We also have a $79 New Patient Offer that includes a Routine Cleaning, Exam and X-rays.

Dental Center of Mesa
1545 East University Drive, Mesa, AZ 85203

Dental Center of Mesa is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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