Novocur: Dealing with chronic lower back pain after surgery

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Why Avoid Back Surgery?

Statistics show the prevalence of back surgery to be very high in the United States compared to other developed countries. Another statistic reveals there is a high rate of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) as a consequence of back surgery. FBSS is where pain persists following the surgery. The most common cause of FBSS is nerve root compression that persists even after surgical discectomy or laminectomy.

The three most common back surgeries performed in the U.S. are discectomy, laminectomy and spinal fusion. Discectomy and laminectomy are both geared to relieve nerve pressure caused by disc protrusion or degenerative changes. Unfortunately, studies indicate 60% of FBSS is caused by persistent nerve root pain, which illustrates how  back surgeries frequently cannot accomplish the intended goal of pain reduction.

Dr. Bigham, CEO of Novocur Pain Management Clinics in Phoenix AZ, states "the primary factor in determining if you should have surgery should be the presence of some kind of neurological symptom, such as weakness, diminished reflexes or muscular atrophy due to nerve pressure - not pain.  There are other ways to effectively deal with the pain prior to back surgery".

Novocur Pain Management Clinics have a very high success rate in helping resolve pain issues due to back disorders, such as disc protrusion, stenosis and degenerative changes.  Even when other Pain Clinics cannot provide relief Novocur is often successful.  In view of the statistics surrounding Failed Back Surgical Syndrome, surgery needs to be the absolute last resort.

Novocur Pain Management Clinics

Novocur Pain Management Clinics is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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