Classy Sisters Wigs help people with hair loss

Classy Sisters Wigs is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

We specialize in medical hair loss for any medical condition.  The wigs we carry are better quality and designed to be comfortable if worn on a bare head.  In addition to working with Holly to provide free wigs to breast cancer patients, we also will help with insurance reimbursement.  Many insurance companies will pay for wigs if hair loss is the result of a medical condition.  If we do not have a particular color in stock, we are happy to order it with no obligation or additional charge. We also carry a large selection of head coverings for those who do not want to wear a wig.  Almost everything we carry is designed or made by survivors - our way of bringing it 'full circle'.  Because we are also a full service salon, if someone is unable to shampoo their wig, or does not want to, we can do it for them.  We also recondition and repair the wig if needed.  Heat damage to a synthetic wig does not mean the wig is ruined - it can be repaired.

Classy Sisters Wigs
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Classy Sisters Wigs is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Live

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