Body Beautiful Day Spa: Want to look naturally younger? Rejuvenate your skin!

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Reclaim Youthful Skin!
eMatrix radiofequency fractional treatments allow you to recapture your youthful skin without the downtime or expense of cosmetic surgery. The eMatrix can rejuvenate skin on your face, neck, décolleté, arms, and hands by stimulating new collagen creation and resurfacing the skin.

How the eMatrix Works
The eMatrix is a fractional treatment. Fractional treatments use tiny bursts of energy to penetrate and partially vaporize your skin. This triggers your body's own natural healing response by creating new skin to fill in the damaged areas. This restores your skin's plumpness and smoothes the surface of your skin. What makes the eMatrix different is radiofrequency.  Radiofrequency waves penetrate your skin deeper than laser does, which gives you superior treatment results. Better yet, these results last for years!

eMatrix is Safe for All Skin Types
The eMatrix is an excellent anti-aging and skin resurfacing treatment for all people, regardless of skin type. You'll look naturally younger with greatly diminished skin imperfections. The eMatrix is especially good for people with Fitzpatrick Skin Types 4 through 6. This includes Latin, Mediterranean, Asian, and African-American or black skin. People with these skin types are not candidates for laser fractional treatments because the frequency of the laser energy can destroy melanin, causing unsightly and irreversible hypopigmentation. The eMatrix's radiofrequency energy does not affect melanin, so it is safe for all skin types.

What to expect with eMatrix
Depending on your skin type, the area being treated, and your pain tolerance, your laser technician may apply a topical anesthetic cream that will allow for a deeper, more intense treatment. Immediately following your eMatrix treatment, your skin will feel and look like it is sunburned. With the exception of heavy exercise and sun bathing, normal activities can be immediately resumed after your eMatrix treatment. Makeup easily covers up any matrix dots the next day. These tiny scabs fall off within the first few days.

You'll see your eMatrix results appear as your skin naturally regenerates over four to six weeks. There have been studies that concluded that collagen continues to rebuild for up to two years after your eMatrix procedure. Each treatment causes about 20 percent of the treatment area to completely regenerate. Optimal results typically require three to four treatments, which are usually spaced four to six weeks apart. Unlike dermal fillers like juvederm and restylane that only last 6 to 12 months, your eMatrix results will last for years!

About Body Beautiful Spa
Body Beautiful Spa is a licensed day spa and medical spa that is conveniently located just south of Biltmore Fashion Center in uptown Phoenix. Body Beautiful Spa Phoenix was one of the first medical spas in Phoenix, Arizona to offer eMatrix fractional skin rejuvenation. If you have questions about whether eMatrix fractional radiofrequency is right for you, call Body Beautiful Spa Phoenix at 602-522-9222 and schedule an appointment with one of their licensed, experienced laser technicians.

Body Beautiful Day Spa is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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