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Ballroom Dancing Affords a Healthier and Happier Life!
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I think overall, when most people come in, they don't realize or can even imagine how taking lessons at Arthur Murray Studios will change their life forever, and for the better!

Sometimes, I wish we could take before and after pictures. In some cases, we have taken pictures just by chance...and we are all astonished at the transformation one can go through after just a few months of having fun learning how to dance.

Arthur Murray studios have the greatest reputation on doing more than just teaching a lesson and sending a student on their way...We invite them to stay and just hang out, or practice at a group or practice party. This is when the transformation really begins!

Becoming plugged into People is so important. Most people get so caught up in life, or work, etc. that they forget to take care of themselves. Do something that makes them happy. Once they dance, and their life changes, their family, friends, co-workers seem to love them even more. They are happy! They feel more confident, they feel more relaxed handling life issues or tedious tasks, they feel beautiful in their own skin.

We find out, that maybe, (I think we all do this) they can fit back into those skinny jeans that they might of hid in the closet. You know...those jeans you wish so bad you can be in again one day!! They will!! It's amazing!

Not only does it make people happier...but also healthier. Everyone seems so surprised at how well it will help them with health issues.

We've had cancer survivors, they start taking lessons..and their blood levels seem to become better! They might not have to take certain medications any more!
It reduces stress, reduces blood pressure, enhances your coordination and reflexes. Dancing will give you better balance and posture. It changes the way you look and carry yourself.

Singles come in, and they change their life. They become a more attractive and happier person, that people want to be around.

Couples will come in together or separately, but overall, they thank us for spicing up and bringing them together for a hobby that they can share together, a special "date night" we might say. But, most importantly, the romance is ignited like no other.

Don't be a afraid of calling and coming in to an Arthur Murray Studio. We will make you feel like it's home away from home. It is so important to us that we not only teach you how to dance, but we impact your life. You deserve happiness, you deserve entertainment in your busy hectic life, you deserve something that you will have and something that will change your life forever.

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Arthur Murray Dance Studios is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live

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