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When Amy Rodabaugh's youngest son, Evan, was in kindergarten and started having severe allergy problems at school, Amy knew something needed to be done. His allergies were so severe, in fact, Evan would often experience nose bleeds and difficulty breathing. After extensive testing, doctors found Evan was allergic to a bacterium prevalent in most brick and mortar schools.

 "It was a huge problem that seemed to have no solution," said Amy. "I couldn't pull Evan out of school and homeschool him myself. Purchasing the books and curriculum alone is very expensive and I didn't feel comfortable enough teaching the material."

After researching additional schooling options, the Rodabaughs discovered Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA), a tuition-free, online public school serving students in K through 12, and transitioned both Evan and their oldest son, Erik.

"We do our classes and coursework online, but we still have teachers we talk to every day, normal assignments, tests and grades and extracurricular activities like every other student," added Erik.

Within a few weeks of transitioning to online public school at AZVA, Amy noticed that her youngest son's nose bleeds and breathing problems had completely disappeared. What's more, both sons were starting to really enjoy school and flourish in their new environment.

"It was an amazing experience seeing them grasp and start to love things like math, science and art," said Amy. "I felt really honored to be involved in their education on a day-to-day basis as their learning coach and have a good understanding of their strengths and what they needed to work on. The best part was we could go at our own pace. If they were struggling in some areas, we could slow down and work on it more, or if they were doing well in other areas, we could progress to the next lesson."

Despite Erik being only 13-years-old, he's already taking high school algebra courses and learning how to be a computer programmer. "Math is something I'm really good at, so it's nice to be able to advance in math so quickly and not have to wait for my peers."

When we asked Erik about what he enjoys best about going to AZVA he said, "The classes are definitely challenging and fun, but it's nice not to have a typical 8-3 p.m. school schedule."

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